Wednesday, August 18, 2010

That's Mine! Not Yours!

I just had a blog reader email me about a review I did last year asking about Aromatica Organic Spice It Now packets...she wanted a link to their website since the one I posted was broken. So I asked Google. I searched and searched and couldn't find one yet...but what I did find was pretty surprising! A website geared towards savings and deals and such....and in that google search was a link to one of their posts, that had MY BLOG PHOTOS and TEXT on it, hurry and check it out here. There's NO link back or credit to myself for that blog review I did in their post. Shame on them! Yeah I facebooked and tweeted about it already.

screen shots I took of that website:

So if you're reading my blog post again, looking for more content, read this...LINK BACK PLEASE! =)

Now let me get back to that email....

*UPDATE: I had messaged her to please credit back, and to my amazement, she so kindly did. Thank you!

FYI- I do not mind the use of my photos IF: A. you ask me for permission, B. you give credit back to my name or blog link.
IF I do find my photos and such on your site, I WILL call you out on it and ask you to credit back and if you can't do that then to please remove it.


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