Monday, June 25, 2007

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Hello, and welcome to my blog, "Mommy? I'm Hungry!". My name is Rachelle, I am married and we have 3 kids, hence the blog title. I love being in the kitchen making recipes from scratch when possible. I started this blog as a way to share our family favorite recipes with others and it's growing bigger than I ever imagined. I have now kept this blog url for my reviews and giveaway, and have since moved my recipe blog to but you can still find my old recipe here.

As of October 2011, I started eating gluten free. I had been experiencing Celiac symptoms for a few years until one night after pizza, a light went off. Ever since then I have been gluten free (GF) and feeling SO much better. Then in February 2012 I was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic. Immediately my lifestyle was changed once again. I started eating healthier foods (still GF) and adding in daily exercise. After eight months I had lost 50 lbs and got my diabetes under control. Now I blog both GF and Diabetic friendly recipes and I hope I can inspire someone out there going through what I've been through.

For a few years now, I've been writing product reviews and having giveaways with the same products I review. Everything I review and giveaway is either sent to me out of generosity from the company PR or something I personally own and want you to know about. I would love to review your product on my blog, I will review items that are family related, cookbooks, cooking, baking, grilling, household, something for the Mr., kids, etc...

Word of mouth is the best advertising, I say! Giveaways are great, my readers love them and it gets your product noticed and passed on to others. "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" is always looking for great family friendly items to review and promote so if you would like to have me review your product please email me  for further details and remember blog giveaways are always welcome. To see my past giveaways, click here and for my reviews, click here. For my disclosure policy, click here. For my giveaway rules, click here.

I love photography and take almost all the photos on my blogs. I would be flattered if you would want to use my photo on your blog or site but please ask me first and please give me credit with my name and link back here. I would love to see how you've shared something from my blog!

My other passion is the Internet. I can be found at my Blogger, Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I am on Instagram frequently and share many behind the scenes of my blog/life. Feel free to follow along with my blog in your reader or add my blog button below to your site! Of course you can email or comment me too. Say Hello! I love meeting new faces and my readers.
I hope you enjoy my blog and will follow along.

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4 Lovely Comments:

Phyllis Blickensderfer said...

It is such a please to have been with you during your growing success. Congratulations on how well your site has grown, and here's to the continued growth.

Unknown said...

I found your blog through an you tube video. Ninja Deep fryer. Wanted to yay to the deep fryer haven't got one yet got the ninja cooking system but been thing of the deep fryer.
The reason I was am trying to contact you is I was wondering what kind of gluten free flour are you using. I have heard from a friend that in calif and I was you were in calif that you have a flour called cup4cup that is gluten free and was wondering if you have used it and what your thoughts are on it if you have. I been thinking of getting it but I will have to order it from amazon if so but I been watching some videos that you can work with the flour better then any other flour.

Rachelle S said...

Hi Michele, Thank you for stopping by! I use a blend of gluten free flour I make at home.
I have not used the cup4cup brand before.

Frankie McClellan said...

I just found out in July that I have celiac disease. I am 21, I have had a hard time finding recipes that I like that are gluten free. I would love to know what are your very favorite gluten free recipes. I am only able to spend $40 a week on groceries, but once a month, I get some extra money that I could put towards gluten free items, such as flours I had a major surgery, so I am off my feet right now as well, so I am not able to cook as much as before. I am eating a lot of processed foods (yuck), but if there are any frozen foods that you have tried that are gluten free that are good/decent. I would love to know. Thanks

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