Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shredded BBQ Pork in a Crock-Pot

A no fuss dinner. Get out your Crock-Pot and don't worry about slaving away at the stove! I decided to make Shredded BBQ Pork in a Crock-Pot using a recipe I found here. Simple recipe. Well wouldn't you know it, thinking I knew it off the top of my head, I forgot to put in the soup mix! Darn. Oh well, next time. I used a favorite bottle of BBQ sauce, with 1/2 Cup of orange juice and 2 Tbl minced garlic mixed in.

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priscilla joy said...

My sister makes something very similar to this and they are the best!! This looks delicious!

Madeline said...

This looks so good! I am craving one right now. I love using my crockpot for cooking meat and this will be on my list of things to make in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

It's very easy to make recipes in crock pot... And this one is wonderful!!

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