Saturday, August 8, 2009

Review: Hebrew National Hot Dogs

About a month ago I was asked to join in an online blogger briefing about Hebrew National Budget Friendly Barbecues with food marketing expert Phil Lempert, aka The Supermarket Guru. Phil is the food trends editor and correspondent for the Today Show, where he reports on consumer trends, food safety and money-saving tips. for a presentation where Phil shared his tips on how we can best navigate our grocery store when planning for a barbecue on a budget; the best tactics for making our list, how to do our pre-shopping research, how to avoid splurging on products we don’t need, and more.

I'm sure you've all seen their commercials, and what I liked about them are basically they are better for you than other hot dogs, they are made with 100% fresh kosher beef, and nothing artificial. Although I've never had a Hebrew National hot dog, I thought I thought this would be neat to experience, so I signed up. I was able to watch a live presentation, listen (via phone), interact in that meeting and also talk about it on twitter.

You can find some of the Hebrew National hot dog talk on Twitter here #HNLempert. OOPS. looks like that chat is gone now, sorry! We were then sent coupons for Hebrew National hot dogs and a cute little grilling kit.

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I picked us up some of their classic beef franks to grill. I grilled them for about 7 minutes over a medium-low heat, turning them to get the pretty grill marks all around. They fit perfectly in the bun, had a great taste of flavor and had that snap when you bite it. I paired this with an easy veggie pasta salad for lunch. Yum!

Thanks Hebrew National, Phil and everyone who helped put this together, I think we all had fun!

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Unknown said...

Those hot dogs rock and the 98% fat free ones rock my diet! yay hebrew national!

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