Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baked Pear Caramel with Berry Sauce and Spun Sugar

I had bought some Bosc pears, thinking of doing them baked with a chocolate drizzle. Well I could not find the recipe I saw online, but ran into this one instead, Baked Pear Caramel with Berry Sauce. Now I could finally use my ramekins! I was so excited to try this recipe. It'd even be my first time making Spun Sugar.

Let me tell you about the most amazing scent, the pears boiling away with the lemon zest, vanilla and sugar! Oh my! Heaven! Someone needs to make a candle scent of this.
So I baked them for their time, made the spun sugar...took them out to plate up, and well... they flopped. The cakes fell, turned to mush, and the caramel never flowed. It was still stuck in the ramekin. Discouraged, I still took a picture (bad lighting, why I hate taking food pics indoors at night) and the kids loved the spun sugar. They did tasted wonderful. I was upset they looked nothing like the website picture.

So, if anyone could tell what went wrong, and you want to try this out, please comment me. I want to know if it works. If anything, just make it for the wonderful smells!


1 day later, it's still mushy. Perhaps the recipe calls for too much butter? Sorry no spun sugar for this one.

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Anonymous said...

Still looks good. My baking rarely turns out like the pictures either.

I just found you on the foodie blogroll. Love the name!

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