Sunday, May 11, 2008

French Silk Pie

*this recipe does have raw eggs in it
After seeing this recipe at Baking Bites, I wanted to try it. I was a little hesitant at first, since it called for a pre baked pie crust. If anyone knows me, pie crusts are not my friend, and my oven hates them more! Actually I don't mind making them, and wish my oven and them would get along. They just burn no matter what tricks I try. But I was determined to bake a decent pie crust once and for all! I went with this one but doubled it so I'd have some left overs. I also added in 2 tsp. granulated sugar. Then I took some tips from other websites to bake it at a high temp. so the fats don't break down causing the sides to slope, and lining the crust with foil or parchment paper and using dry rice as pie weights. Then removing that and pricking the crust and bake another 5 minutes.

So, I had a beautiful dough made, rolled and placed into my pretty pie plate. I even put on my pie shield ring. It was looking so nice in the oven, that when it came time to remove the rice, I poured it out, and out came the crust! Oh no! I couldn't save it. So I made another crust, this time I removed just the foil with the rice, and baked for a couple more minutes. Well, I shouldn't have. It burnt! So I made a third crust! Yes, third times a charm, right? I was extra careful this time. I didn't send it back to the oven after removing the rice. It was going to be ok! It may have shrunk a little, but I was not going to try it again. It turned out wonderful, flaky and golden.

All that extra pie crust scraps, I made into cinnamon sugar treats. Something my mom used to do with her scraps.

Crust #3

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Dhanggit said...

OMG this is sooo tempting!! looks absolutely delicious! just like you my relationship with making pie crusts is a bit of a love-hate thing..sometimes i succeed sometimes its really catastropic :-) hehehe thanks for sharing this recipe!! yum

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