Monday, September 29, 2008

An A+ Dinner From The Blogs!

This dinner was a winner!!!
I love trying out new recipes, especially when I am stuck in a rut. Tonight I went to some reliable sources, other food bloggers! I knew I wanted to make baked panko breaded chicken legs and hasselback potatoes.

Well The Pioneer Woman had posted before of some chicken legs, and thankfully I had all the ingredients on hand! (Lately I am loving plain yogurt with a dollop of fruit preserves mixed in) I skinned the chicken legs, and also added parsley and pepper to the panko. I had to bake the legs forever! Well they had to share the oven with the potatoes, so I kept rotating the two trays. Finally I just stuck them under the broiler to brown them up. From start to finish this meal took me 2 hours until we were eating. Good thing I started it early.

For the potatoes, I had to find a refresher, haha, I've seen them made before but have never made them myself. Orangette has some great ones posted, but I changed them up a little. I used russet potatoes, minced garlic, grated onions (*tip- grate an onion instead of dicing and you'll get the small pieces and juice!), parsley, salt and pepper.

I rate this dinner 10*! The chicken had great crunch, and a little tang from the yogurt, I had to stop myself before I ate too much! The potatoes were great also, the bottoms became crunchy almost like a potato chip. Everyone loved it. Delish! I have to remember to go thank them for posting those recipes!

TIP: use the long handles of 2 spoons to create a cutting guide for Hasselback potatoes

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4 Lovely Comments:

RecipeGirl said...

Now I've gotta try a dinner that has such a ringing endorsement!
Those potatoes look fun to make :)

Janine said...

My picky eater loves potatoes but I'm looking for more ways to make them. Thanks for this.

tana said...

Yum! This looks good. I just found your blog the other day, and made the oatmeal pancakes for dinner tonight (you know, breakfast for dinner). They were delicious! Can't wait to try more recipes.

shweetpotato said...

I gotta get some potatoes YUMMY hey thanks for the info on zuchinni, I did grate some and froze it in 2 cup portions for zuchinni bread. I really want to try breading it and frying some up , do you have a recipe for the breading? Ive never made it before lol, Ohhh boy Im looking at that chocolate cake picture and getting hungry lol, Carm

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