Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesdays with Dorie: Rugelach

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Mine are not your traditional Rugelach, that may usually be made with apricot jam, raisins and walnuts or such. Dorie suggested using raspberry, apricot jam or marmalade, walnuts, pecans or almonds, currants and chocolate. I used what I had on hand: cherry preserves, chocolate, almonds and only about 4 Tbl of cream cheese. There's the fruit, preserves and nuts right there. (You know pumpkin or apple butter may be nice in these too)

This became a 2 day Rugelach for me. Since it needed chill time, plus my mommy duties time, school chauffeuring, natural sunlight for photos, more chill time... that I just decided to make some ahead of time and bake them off the next morning when I would have better lighting for photos. I did bake a dozen off tonight so we can try them and not torture ourselves waiting, haha. Sorry for the flash photography (hides face). I took more photos from the ones I baked this morning.

These were pretty easy to make, I had no problems rolling out the dough to a large circle. I actually dreaded the rolling, thinking everything would squish out and be a mess, but it wasn't too bad. They were the cutest little things when rolled up! During baking some of the filling did seep out and become caramelized. Having never made this before or even tasting Rugelach, I can say it was fun and I'd love to taste a traditional flavor next time, I just didn't care for the cooked sticky jam. What a nice recipe you chose, Grace, from Piggy's Cooking Journal.

Recipe can be found here as well.

flattening the filling

rolling them up

posing with my stacking dolls

hiding away in a musical cookie box

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11 Lovely Comments:

Piggy said...

Hey, great looking rugelach! Glad that you like the recipe. :-)

Jacque said...

I don't know if there's any wrong way to make Rugelach, and yours sound yummy.

They look really nice!

Grammy Blick said...

Those look so scrumptious! Your photos are appetizing, before we even get to the ingredients. Love that service plate -- so Victorian.

n.o.e said...

They WOULD be good with pumpkin butter. Yours look amazing, especially on that pretty little plate. And that cookie box is adorable.

Linda said...

Beautiful! I especially like the photo with the rugelach nested in the box...a perfect, yummy gift for someone!

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