Friday, January 9, 2009

Pizza Hut PIZZA Giveaway!


TGIF! Let's get this weekend off to a great start!

It's new! Have you seen it? Pizza Hut wants to help make dinner easier for one of my lucky blog readers! They would like you try The Natural, a new pizza made from natural ingredients.

Enter to win one delivered medium 12" Natural pizza to your home! Yes! Dinner on them! Please note, you may want to order another yourself, 12" isn't very big. Check it out:

Excellent Source of Whole Grains
The all-natural taste of The Natural extends from toppings to
the crust. The Natural is topped with a sauce made from vine-ripened
tomatoes and all-natural mozzarella cheese. There are no artificial flavors,
colors or preservatives. With eight grams of whole grains per slice, The
Natural pizza has earned the seal of approval from the Whole Grains
Council. Each two-slice serving is an excellent source of whole grains.
According to research recently published by the NPD Group, 64% of Americans want more whole grains in their diet.

Choose a one-topping medium The Natural
pizza or The Natural Rustica recipe, which includes sliced all-natural
Rustica sausage, fire roasted red peppers and marinated Roma

So, are you eating healthier grains?
We are, most of the time. We love whole wheat sandwich bread and made the switch from white to wheat 6 years ago when I was pregnant. I do still love white rolls for some things though.
Let me know, comment below for your chance to win a yummy pizza! We're having one for dinner tonight!
*REVIEW (sorry no photos): I wasn't sure how big the pizza was going to be, and we were a little taken back that it was pretty small, for a family of 5. 12" is their medium size, so if you've got hungry ones, order yourself another. This was pretty good though, we had a combo topping. The crust isn't poofy as their pictures are, either.

Deadline: 7pm pst, Monday, January 12, 2009

If you want, earn up to 6 more bonus entries by:
-Blogging about this giveaway, leave your link
-Become a member of my Facebook Bloggin' Moms group
-Foodie bloggers, become a member of my I'm A Food Blogger! Flickr group

-Following me on Twitter
-Following me through my blog's widget (at bottom of blog)
-Snagging my Blog Button for your site (found here), leave your link

Leave an additional comment for each extra entry or if you are already doing any of these.

The fine print:
-Open to USA readers only please, w/a Pizza Hut nearby

-Be sure to leave your contact info in case you're the winner
-I will choose a random winner using and blog who it is
-I'll will email you and comment to you on your blog
-You will have 3 days to respond or I'll choose another winner

-I verify your email/click-able name, blog posts, groups and button placement on blogs

Good luck!

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41 Lovely Comments:

T said...

found you through the facebook blogging moms! I've been wanting to learn more about this pizza/try it out since we went whole grain or nothin' a few years ago... I've let the kids cheat on pizza (I make my own usually with a whole grain crust for hubby and I) but this looks like a way for both of us to win!! (pizza night should be easy on the mom!)

Melanie said...

as a family we are def eating healthier
no more fast food for 2009
whole wheat bread
brown rice
whole wheat pasta


themommyfinds at hotmail dot com

Kelli said...

I so love pizza hut. I did try their pasta off some blog contest, maybe it was yours? I cant remember I have short term memory. Love this giveaway. allknames at gmail dot com Kelli H

Kelli said...

your already my friend on facebook but I added the profile thing of that page to my profile. Do I even know what I am talking about? allknames at gmail dot com

Michelle said...

I've seen the commercials for these and would love to try it.

Great blog.

Peter Schott said...

It sounds interesting. I've been curious if this pizza is any good or not, but generally haven't liked most of Pizza Hut's offerings. If this is good and somewhat healthy, I'd be interested.

fourkidsmom said...

I have been following your blog since the oatmeal pecan pancakes which I love. Would love to try this new pizza.

quitecontrary1977 said...

They were actually making these last year as a limited edition kind of thing, and everyone loved it! My hubby was just saying that he wished they would bring it back!

Patty said...

I found you through the facebook group.

carogonza said...

I would love to try these new pizzas. At least I might convince myself I am eating healthy.

DeNami Design said...

love pizza hut. not really part of the new year's resolutions, but you gotta treat yourself sometimes:)

Danielle said...

We are def eating better. I always try to check ingredients when shopping. In season lots of fresh stuff from the garden or farmers market.

christin said...

we are also trying to eat more whole grain/wheat foods as opposed to white. so far, so good:) thanks!

Jayme said...

i am trying to eat healthier but i can trip up for a day and try this yummy pizza!! thanks for the giveaway!!


tigger210 said...

I would love to try the new pizza. Our family switched to whole wheat bread a few years ago also. One recent switch we have made is to low carb tortillas. I like to use them to make wraps for lunch or tacos at night. I can't tell the difference! Thanks!

skstigger (at)

Emily said...

I'm trying to eat healthier this year - I can now get my fix with whole grain crust! ha! =] Thanks for the contest!
emily.grisso at

Anonymous said...

This looks good! I've been a member of your facebook, yelp, and follow your blogs. I love your recipes. Thanks for sharing.

thelastrabbit @

Anonymous said...

This looks good with the whole grain crust.

Thanks for the giveaway.


Sharla said...

We have always been good at eating whole wheat bread but not so good at whole wheat rolls or tortillas. We'd love to try this!

Renee G said...

We'd love to try this. Overall, we're trying to eat better, but mostly we're trying to add more fruit and vegetables.


micaela6955 said...

I really should resolve to eating healthier this year, because all the fast food has definitely gone to my hips and other places... and I feel it. I have been trying to eat healthier, and gradually fitting it in little by little and hopefully in time will be able to incorporate eating healthy into my diet on a more regular basis. It's great to see that Pizza Hut is also promoting healthy eating!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

micaela6955 said...

I am now following you on twitter (micaela6955)

micaela6955 at msn dot com Michele P.

Helen S said...

I love Pizza Hut pizza but have not tried this one yet. Thanks,

Kristal said...

I saw the commercial for this and really wanted to try it! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

KristalsBlog at yahoo dot com

Kristal said...

I posted this giveaway on my blog's sidebar:

KristalsBlog at yahoo dot com

Ingrid said...

I found your page through Google. We love Pizza Hut but have not tried this one yet. We are eating more healthier foods as is our goal for 2009.

Wanda said...

Oh yum.....I could certainly use some healthy pizza!

I really like Pizza Hut's food. It's delicious!

We are trying to eat better this year.

LeslieVeg said...

Hi there,
I just subscribed to your facebook group bloggin' moms. Looks like a fun group.

Love whole wheat... as we have eliminate white flour etc.
I am a vegetarian.. and if you order pizza with a ton of veggies, NO oil (easy on the cheese, and NO meat) it can be healthy.)
Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

I eat whole wheat bread for sure. I also like Whole Wheat flour for baking! :)

Thanks, awesome blog entry!
shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

tigger210 said...

I am a follower through the blog widget. Thanks!

skstigger (at)

Rachelle said...

Oops, I got a little side tracked...Giveaway is now over! Now to go pick a winner!

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