Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blogger's Follower Count Down??

I noticed a drop in followers the other day, and felt a little bummed. After seeing it was happening to others, I googled to find the reason why or how to fix it. I found these 2 posts.

HERE and HERE. So go make yourself PUBLIC and you'll appear on other's blogs! If everyone does this it'll be fixed. We can hope. =)

*Also a tweet from Blogger: HERE.

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6 Lovely Comments:

Leslie said...

OMGosh I realized BEFORE you posted this, and found out what the reason was.
Of course my Blog is new, and I only have a few followers, and when I didn't see Rachelle I was so sad! hahahahah
What a bummer to see even 1 follower gone!

jennifer said...

I added myself back in too!
By the way, come see me-

Jennmom2oneboy (Jenn)

Grammy Blick said...

For some reason mine still said "Public" and I'm so glad. I've followed this blog for a long time and I always want to show up for Rachelle!! Glad to be here, glad to be seen here!

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