Thursday, March 5, 2009

Breakfast with the Bloggers

I haven't been up to posting much lately, all 5 of us have been sick. Myself and the kids have had Strep throat and colds and Mr. has had Pneumonia. Of course I was the last to get mine, so I'm still not 100%. Today was the kid's first day back to school since last Monday! My little one missed 7 days of school and to her it was a lifetime! She missed her friends and teachers so bad. This is Kindergarten, we'll see if she feels the same come middle school when she's sick, haha.

Here is a breakfast that will get you going in the morning. I call it my Breakfast with the Bloggers because the recipes come from fellow blogging friends. I made scrambled eggs in a new way from Kathleen over at One Tree Past The Fence.
I've always added a dash of milk to my scrambled eggs. She doesn't. She uses BUTTER. Yep. Just butter and eggs. So that morning I decided I'd try it. She used 1/2 stick of butter for 6 eggs. I used 5 Tbl for 12 eggs. They looked great! But everyone said they tasted very buttery, as in too much butter. But they liked how fluffy they were. So now when I make them, I use 2 Tbl of butter for about 8 eggs. I also add in salt, pepper and sprinkle on jack cheese when they are done. I like mine best sandwiched in between ever so-lightly toasted wheat bread, slathered with more butter.

I also made blueberry muffins to go with the eggs. The Daily Blonde blogged about her favorite ones, so I gave them a shot too. But, I will blog about these yummies later.

So, how do you like your eggs?


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Leslie said...

Feel Better! Your Breakfast looks yummy, like everything else you make.. I don't know how you had the energy (and Blueberry Muffins?)
Your makin' me look bad!
Hubby is asking for Chocolate Chip muffins, and I still haven't made 'em!

Grammy Blick said...

So, the virus that blew through here finally hit the coast. Our family all had complications following this one, and all had a dose of antibiotics and many days in bed. Chicken soup time! As for our eggs, I add a bit of sour cream with seasoned salt. Since there's just two of us, I use four eggs and a tablespoon of sour cream, beating until I think it's sufficiently incorporated. I'll give the butter a try next time. Sounds good. For scrambled egg sandwiches, I just love the taste of Miracle Whip -- not mayo -- on lightly toasted wheat or sour dough.

The Food Librarian said...

5 people sick in one family - oh my goodness! You poor thing. I hope this is it for the whole year (yeah, wishful thinking, but we can all hope!)

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...


Leslie- I had made these a while ago, trust me I was not in the kitchen much (unless it was to reheat the chicken noodle soup I made) while we were sick. I knew my turn was coming so I had thing ready for them to get themselves, lol.

Grammy B.- Ooh the sour cream sounds lovely! Does it give it a little tang? MR. is a Miracle Whip ONLY person, I could care less, but prefer mayo.

The Food Librarian- We rarely ever get sick, most of the time it's just a little cough. But all of a sudden, the kids were all sick at Christmas time, and again now. My little boy is the 1st kid to ever get an ear infection. :(
When I worked at the drugstore, every February, I swear, I always got a really bad cough.


mamakd said...

Welcome Back! There is nothing like a good breakfast! My mother used sour cream like Grammy B and would top with cheese and mushrooms. mmmm, my favorite! Continue to feel better!

Kristal said...

Your breakfast looks delicious! I don't get a chance to eat anything other than cereal for breakfast due to work schedules, but I'll have to bookmark these recipes for one of those "breakfast for dinner" nights!

Chrystina said...

Sorry to hear that you have been sick! Hope that everyone gets to feeling better.

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