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Review: Ecostore USA Products and a Giveaway!

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I was recently contacted and asked if I would do a review on ecostore's natural, environmentally friendly products and of course I said yes! There are some other products I've been using lately that I have not been happy with so I was looking forward to trying these out.
They are also offering to give one of my lucky readers a gift certificate for their products! How nice are they?

But first let me tell you about the products I chose to review and why their products are important for everyone. They carry products from baby care, bath & body, hair, household, and pet care too!

About Ecostore:
"Our eco friendly, plant-based household cleaning products are as effective as the leading supermarket brands, and our body and baby care ranges are gentle on your skin and are simply beautiful to use. Our pet care products let you spoil your pets with our nourishing, rich blends of ingredients and show them how much you care by reducing their exposure to unhealthy chemicals. All of our products are made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients, free of toxic chemicals that bring people closer to nature with non-toxic, environmentally safe solutions that also help to reduce our carbon footprint."

"Why should I use ecostore products? Because we care about your health! So many conventional products are being linked to chronic health issues. It makes good sense to us to eliminate those NASTY CHEMICALS and get back to nature. By using all plant based ingredients we not only protect your health but your planet too. "

click an item to learn more & read ingredients
Auto Dish Powder
This is a high performance blend of simple mineral salts, citrus and Coconut oils. Stuck on food and grease won't stand a chance when it comes to the NO NASTY CHEMICAL products from Ecostore USA.
*My review: I thought this was great! We have hard water here, so it always leaves a white residue on our dishes. I've been using another product to keep those spots away. Since using Ecostore's Auto Dish Powder, I haven't noticed any residue or a bleachy smell. It's great! I wonder if it was those other detergents leaving that residue??

Pure Oxygen Whitener
This contains oil of citrus and Coconut and other plant-based ingredients. Ecomommas will love the way this product brightens and cleans baby’s clothes and does not contain any harsh chemicals that could irritate delicate skin.
* My review: I have been using this in every load whites and colors. If you are familiar with oxyclean, this is like that, but with better ingredients. You only need 1-2 tablespoons too. Since using Ecostore's Pure Oxygen Whitener, I can see some cleaner results in our laundry.

Baby Shampoo
This extremely mild shampoo was created to cleanse the hair, but not irritate baby's skin or eyes. Combining only the best of nature and plant-based ingredients, no harm will come to your baby or our waterways.

yes we have a fugly bright sea foam green tiled bathroom w/tub to match!

*My review: Well to be honest, it sort of uh, stinks, it may be my sense of smell though. It reminded me of a dog shampoo smell. Maybe they could've done that a lavender or vanilla scent? It also did irritate my little one's eyes, but again maybe it was the scent? BUT, it left the kid's hair SO soft and easy to comb through!
* UPDATE- My personal review: I tried this shampoo on my self (with my long hair, it took about half the bottle, haha), actually a little goes a long way. Do you know what that smell is? Citronellol , like the mosquito candles? Yeah, not my favorite smell, thankfully it doesn't really smell like that when dried. Anyways, I felt like it really cleaned my hair and made it soft. I think I could get past the smell for how nice it made my hair.

So I think my favorite item would be the Auto Dish Powder!

Guess what! One of my awesome readers will win a $25 Gift Certificate from Ecostore USA
http://www.ecostoreusa.com/! Sweet!

For a chance to win, answer me these 2 things in one comment below:
1.Go visit their Ecostore USA site here & tell me which products you would try if you won the gift card!
2.Also tell me what you do to live a greener, healthier lifestyle.
(Be sure to leave a valid email address too*)

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My Giveaway ends: 9 pm pst, Sunday, April 5, 2009.
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35 Lovely Comments:

always_317537 said...

I like the citrus spray cleaner:)

My husband and I try to live greener by using the Brita pitcher instead of buying bottled water:)


always_317537 said...

I tweeted!

EcoStore USA Products & a Giveaway @ Mommy I'm Hungry http://ldylvbgr.blogspot.comless than 20 seconds ago from web



Emily said...

Ok, I would definitely try the Manuka Sandalwood Shampoo. I love anything Sandalwood!

I will agree with the above poster and say I am living greener by using a filtration system instead of bottled water. Prior to using it I was going through a 24 pack of bottled water every 2-3 days.


Helene said...

I've never heard of this cie before. That's a great review. I'm not always satisfied with the products I tried either.

Leslie said...

Hi!!! I am dying to try the Baby Nappy Balm, I hear it is GREAT on Tender baby bottoms!!! I would also love to try the Citrus Spray Cleaner! I would use that in the Kitchen and Bathroom. I love Citrus cleaners and I hear Ecostore's is GREAT!

To live a "GREENER" life, we recycle, and we have those new fangled light bulbs. I try to buy earth Friendly products and believe it or not, eating a VEGETARIAN diet is VERY earth Friendly!

Leslie said...

LeslieVeg is following you on Twitter and left a tweet


Brooke said...

I would try the laundry liquid and pure oxygen whitener. Every weekend I have many loads of extremely dirty laundry to do (I have an 8-year-old son and my live-in boyfriend is a lineman).

To live a greener and healthier lifestyle I make sure to run my dishwasher on a full load. I also drink water out of my faucet instead of buying bottled water.

Love your blog BTW! :)

ACDC2005 said...

I would like to try the laundry liquid! I love eco friendly laundry detergents.

I use eco friendly products in my house, as well as recycle, and I also use re-useable bags when I shop. I also support local farming by going to co-ops and farmers markets.


Chrystina said...

WoW! They have quite a set up! I will have to say I am so interested in the dishwasher detergent though. I too have tried many "natural" products (from store bought all the way to Melaleuca types). I am looking for products that really work and will have to take your word on ecostore. Thanks for sharing these reviews with us and thank you to ecostore for letting you! How wonderful! I try to do what I can recycling, and buying products that are better for us and mother earth. I am not a firm believer in the global warming theory out there. I am a firm believer that God gave us this planet and it is OUR duty to take care of this precious gift.

micaela6955/Michele P. said...

I would try the coconut soap and the laundry soap-maybe some baby products too. Enjoyed your review, please stop by my blog and enter to win some Orna-Scents too!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Heather said...

I'd buy the Lemon Rinse Aid, Citrus Spray Cleaner, and Coconut Soap!

I am composting and recycling EVERYTHING I can to live a greener life!


Anonymous said...

To live a greener lifestyle I bicycle to school and work and use ecofriendly cleaner when possible right now I have a giant thing of laundry detergent from Costco that looks like it will take me a year or two to go through it is really concentrated so I only use about a tablespoon per load!
I would like to try the vanilla shampoo and conditioner or maybethe rosemary orange sounds like it would smell amazing!
It is great to have your feedback on these products to let us know which ones are the best valuues!

cdziuba said...

I would buy as many of these as I could:

Coconut Soap
Vanilla Soap
Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap
Lemongrass Soap
Baby Soap

Tp live a greener healthier lifestyle, my entire family has become vegetarians.


cdziuba said...

I follow you on Twitter (cdziuba) and tweeted:



Tiffany said...

I would totally try the coconut soap, and some of the lemongrass products! I love yummy smells!

We try to live a little greener by using out Brita instead of bottled water, and I always use a re-usable lunch bag. They may be little, but every little bit helps!

Thanks again for the opportunity!


Rajee said...

Love to try Manuka Sandalwood Shampoo.
To live a greener healthier lifestyle is friendly environment on earth.

jenny said...

In my search to go green, I have tried a lot of different products. For cleaning I've tried the name brands that claim to be green {but still smell an awful lot like chemicals!}, I've tried the top organic brands cleaning supplies, I've tried Bronner's Magic Soaps, and I've even made my own. Health and beauty products offer even more alternatives than cleaning, so you can imagine how many of those options I've tried.
auto body repair salt lake city

Leah said...

1. I would love to try the coconut soap.

2. We do a lot of things to try and live a greener/healthier lifestyle including using cloth napkins and cloth bags at the grocery store.

Thanks for the giveaway!

ecky said...

i'd love to try the vanilla shampoo and conditioner! to be greener we use cloth diapers, compost and bring our own bags everywhere!!

elkesten at yahoo dot com

amy p. said...

I love the Baby Sleepytime Bath and I have been trying to recycle as much as possible. amsbolda@hotmail.com

amy p. said...

I follow on twitter now and tweeted. 1amypugmire. amsbolda@hotmail.com

auntrene said...

I have the coconut soap and would buy more, also would love to try the Baby soap.
Thanks for the gieaway.

auntrene said...

Forgot to put how I am living greener, I am big on recycling, and reusing. I try to repurpose anything that I want to discard, or see if anyone else can reuse it.

Rannyjean said...

Pure Oxygen Whitener, I love white clothes, I dislike the smell and harshness of bleaching.
To live greener? We got rid of our oil burning heater, bought a front load washer, donate all our plastic caps to Aveda's recycling program, donate plastic bags to our schools recycling, don't use harsh chemicals and I quit dying my hair.

Janet and Maya said...

I would love to try the lemongrass, coconut, and vanilla soaps!

We try to walk as much as we can to lessen fuel emissions, fuel usage and be healthy! I also try to use re-usable grocery bags. We've replaced all the light bulbs in our house with the new efficient ones.

mayacarpenter at verizon dot net

Janet and Maya said...

I'm following you on twitter and tweeted here http://twitter.com/janetmom2maya/status/1453034908

mayacarpenter at verizon dot net

Sharon said...

1. I want to try the coconut soup for sure!
2. Instead of driving all the way to school, I instead, drive to the nearby train station in my area, and train the rest of the way to school. It does take me an extra hour to commute to school because of this, but I don't mind too much. So, instead of driving 24km to school, I drive only less than 2km to the train station. A definite reduction in my carbon footprint.

Anonymous said...

I'd like the Vanilla Conditioner and Vanilla Soap.
We are in the process of buying a Hybrid car.

janetfaye said...

Baby massage oil and Baby Body wash.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...

I am learning how to live a greener lifestyle.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Nelsby said...

Tough choice...but I would really love to try the Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner.

Firs and foremost, I try to remain conscious of every one of my actions on a daily basis. In other words (and I'm not exaggerating), I think "how is this affecting the environment? A few examples: I recycle EVERYTHING I can, reuse everything possible, buy all-natural / organic food, personal care items, cleaning products, cosmetics...whenever I can afford it.

sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

Nelsby said...

I am following you on Twitter (user name: Nelsby) AND I Tweeted about this giveaway: http://twitter.com/Nelsby/status/1457961958
sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

Dumaurier said...

I'd love to try the Sleepytime baby bath and the citrus spray cleaner

We try to live a greener lifestyle by using less energy than before. We switched all our lightbulbs to energy saving and we try to conserve as much as possible

pestkaj said...

I would love to try their auto dish soap.
I have totally stopped using plastic bags for shopping, it is something easy I can do =)


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