Monday, April 13, 2009

Review: O Organics Roasted Vegetable and Cheese Pizza

The nice folks at O Organics was kind enough to send out some of their frozen pizzas to my door. Yes, frozen to my door, in dry ice! Cool! Well, they were chilled by the time they arrived, but the box said that's ok. I've seen their products at our local Vons/Safeway before (Safeway Inc.—whose food chains include Vons, Pavilions, Genuardi’s, Dominick’s, Randalls, Tom Thumb and Carrs supermarkets).

"Made in Northern Italy from all Italian ingredients, the Roasted Vegetable and Cheese Pizza is hand-made through a traditional process and stone baked in a wood fired oven. By preserving the culinary heritage through spinning the dough by hand and selecting the finest ingredients, consumers can enjoy delicious and authentic flavor with traditional feel.
O Organics offers a wide selection of affordable organics in mainstream grocery stores—everything from pretzels to popcorn and pizza to tortilla chips." Look at some of their snack items:
-Blue Corn Chips with Sesame Seeds and Fire Roasted Salsa
-Arnold Palmers made with Italian Lemon Soda and Black Tea
-Lightly Salted Cashews and Almonds
-White Cheddar Popcorn
-Hot Wing Chicken Sausage
-And many more options with over 300 products in 50+ categories!

These are more like personal size pizzas, they aren't very big, so I was sent a couple of them. So, with these, you just baked them right on your oven racks (no pans to wash!). It didn't take too long, I wanted to make sure the cheese was all melty and the center was cooked through. The crust was crispy and cut nicely. The flavors were really great, and I mean that. Roasted veggies (bell peppers, zucchini and eggplant! The crust though, was not great. It was cracker like and flavorless. I would eat these again, if the crust was different.

Ready to bake. Nice big parmesan shavings!

There may be ?what? in there!

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Helene said...

That pizza looks good. It's to bad you did not like the crust.

Robyn said...

Did that say TUNA, WTH? LOL. Hey free pizza is free pizza. :)

Faye said...

Okay, who dropped the 300 pound tuna in the pizza maker?

That was nice that you got to enjoy a freebie sample :)

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camille said...

Seems like tuna would be a thing you'd KNOW about if it got into the food, right? Unless they're saying they just don't wash their cutting boards or something. Which... ew.

Kristin said...

I've tried these. I wasn't surprised that these pizzas didn't have as much cheese as myself and other fellow Americans are used to given that it's made in Italy and traditionally pizza over there has less cheese than the pizza here. This definately isn't the sort of pizza kids enjoy however it's low calorie compared to other frozen varieties with a larger portion than the typical Lean Cuisine frozen variety.

Anonymous said...

So...I tried this pizza as well. I actually loved the crust...and am a little confused over the prior comment of "tasteless." For a box variety pizza I thought it was very good. I have eaten pizza in Italy and think that it is consistant with what I had there. American pizza is synonymous with cheese. It was a nice surprise to have something a little more authentic.

As for the tuna label...isn't that in reference to the manufacturing facility? They have to disclaim whatever is in the factory in order to comply with the FDA...maybe they make a different pizza with tuna...which was popular in europe, when I was there.

Well...I just like the 4 cheese the best from this company...but maybe that's because i'm american;)

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