Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review: Wild Harvest Organic: Dinner Box

I am part of SheKnows 100 mom panelists to test some products from Wild Harvest Orangic and as you may remember my first review was on their lunch box, this time I was sent the Dinner box. This arrived the day before I had a homemade spaghetti dinner, so the dressing came is real handy, but since I had everything else ready to go, we saved the rest for another time.

Wild Harvest Organic Ranch Dressing
I taste tested this next to Kraft's Ranch. We liked Kraft's better. This one tasted more tangy almost tarter sauce flavor like. This sort of lacked in flavors.

Wild Harvest Organic Rustic Italian Dressing
I loved this. It was zesty and flavorful. Italian is my #1 choice for dressings so this was an easy review for me. I taste tested this next to Kraft's Italian. This one won hands down! This one is not as vinegary and has tons of flavor that you can actually see!
*I am using this dressing to go in a cold chicken pasta salad for dinner also. It'll be perfect for our HOT So CA weather we've had all week.

Wild Harvest Organic classic saltines
These come individually packed, which I like for keeping the rest fresh. These are great, except I missed the salted tops like other saltines have. These are delicate to break apart too.

Wild Harvest Organic multi-seed flatbread
I just opened these as I'm typing...These are really good! Most of mine came broken though but I enjoyed them with some cheese and ham to top on them. First off you can taste the sesame seeds, there's also flavors of poppy seeds, garlic powder, caraway seeds and onion flakes.
-My oldest just said, "blech, those taste like bird food on a bagel!" However, another time I caught them eating them with sour cream! sillies! I enjoyed them anyways. These did not come in a resealable bag, but I found them to fit nicely in my Rubbermaid Takealongs container.

Wild Harvest Organic Rosemary and Sesame Saltines
I loved that these came individually wrapped. They are very delicate and won't break on their dotted lines. The flavor is really great to these, but they still seemed plain, and well dry (aren't all saltines?). They have pieces of rosemary and sesame seed in them making them looks great.

Wild Harvest Organic spaghetti
I haven't used this yet, but will soon!

Wild Harvest Organic whole wheat penne
I used this in a chicken and spinach cheesey bake dinner. Nice and hearty!

Wild Harvest Organic whole wheat rotini
Really good pasta, great with the pasta sauce. Kids ate it all up!
Wild Harvest Organic tomato basil pasta sauce
This was great for a quick and easy lunch with the rotini. Great sauce!

Wild Harvest Organic roasted garlic pasta sauce
I served this with a stuffed chicken parmesan I made for dinner. I thought the sauce had lots of yummy garlic flavor.


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Chrystina said...

Wow!I will have to try some of them. Especially that Rustic Italian dressing. It sounds divine! Yummy! Thanks for sharing!

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