Friday, May 15, 2009

Heart Healthy Popsicles

I had recently won a copy of WomenHeart's All Heart Family Cookbook from another blogger's giveaway. I've seen it all around the blogosphere for giveaways. It arrived just a couple days later at my door. I was surprised by what a beautiful book this is! It's packed full of information on heart disease and the 40 foods proven to promote heart health and full of wonderful looking recipes that use those foods. Each recipe will tell you how many heart healthy ingredients it has too.

I decided I would try these frozen Popsicles first, since it's practically summer here already. We all love fresh fruits too, so I knew this was going to be a great one, I just needed Popsicle molds. I happened upon some at the dollar store, cute tiny rocket pop shapes. Then set off to gather the fresh fruits. I made both kinds, since the kids love mangos and strawberries.

Frozen Berry Pops: strawberries, banana, fat-free vanilla yogurt, lime zest and lime juice. This has 4 heart healthy ingredients.

Tropical Fruit Pops: mangos, banana and orange juice. This has 3 heart healthy ingredients.

Both were easy to prepare, you blend all and pour into molds and freeze. Well, those cute little molds I found, were junk. The sticks did not stick in them, making it impossible to get a Popsicle out. I managed to get one for a photo, and used some leftovers from a dish I had frozen. Anyways, we ended up digging them out and eating them that way, no fun. Since I was not a happy customer with those molds, I took them back to return. Well guess what. They don't take any returns! Pffft! There goes $4 into the trash. I guess you get what you pay for at the dollar store. So, I'm looking for bigger and better popsicle molds. Any ideas? I may try dixie cups to get me by. Anyways...they were nice and flavorful, the Tropical Fruit one was favored most.

So get out there and look for your chance to win a copy or you can also find some recipes online here from the book.


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4 Lovely Comments:

the ungourmet said...

Maybe Kitchen Kaboodle??? These looks great though. My daughter would love them!

Amy said...

Hello, You rolled called before me on SITS. They say to stop by and visit the person who rolled called before you. I like you popsicles they look wonderful.

Mathea said...

Lovely popsicles, great reviews. I am giving away a blog award, come by and get it!

Aggie said...

Loving the popsicles! I recently made some popsicles out of fresh juice for the kids...I'll have to try out the yogurt one next!

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