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Review: Wild Harvest Organic Snacks

I've feel privileged to have been part of the Moms 100 panelist at SheKnows. This round of reviews were products that are natural and Organic and come from Wild Harvest Organic We don't shop Organic regularly, but if I find a better deal on Organic, I'll buy it. I can honestly say that Wild Harvest Organic has some great products (and cute packaging too!), so if you shop Organic, please look for this brand in your stores or shop online. If you visit their site, you'll find coupons for your next purchase too, and they have recipes to share also! You can read other 100 Mom's reviews on these products here.

For my final box of reviews, I was shipped their snack box. Full of treats like crackers, popcorn, cookies and more juice pouches. Here is my review:

Wild Harvest Organic butter microwave popcorn
After school one day, I thought we'd try this. Then I noticed right on the back of the box they had a recipe for caramel popcorn! So we made that. It was really easy to make, and used everyday ingredients already stocked. The only issues I had, was popping the popcorn. I usually go about 2 1/2 minutes for popping. Well the first bag there were a lot of kernels unpopped. So we did another bag, but left it in for 3 minutes. That one burnt too much to use. So we used the last bag, and cooked it for not quite 3 minutes and it came out fine. I used 2 bags of popcorn for this with pecans and almonds in ours (and only about 3/4 C. not the full 2 C. they asked).

You basically bring brown sugar, butter, water and salt to a bubbly boil. Then add in baking soda and vanilla extract. Pour this over the popped corn and nuts, toss it all up and bake off for 15 minutes in the oven to dry it out.

Wild Harvest Organic original microwave popcorn
They have a recipe for spicy and sweet popcorn on the this box too, but the kiddos aren't into spicy. Even though this was plain, it was great. It was salted and perfectly too. I had issues popping this one too, first it burnt, then second it under popped. I'll blame it on the lousy microwave, usually it's 2 1/2 minutes though.

Wild Harvest Organic chocolate chip bite size cookies
These were great and did not last long.

Wild Harvest Organic golden round butter-style crackers
I decided I would use some of these as a butter and cracker topping to a tuna noodle casserole. They were delicious! I'll have to use that topping more often!

Wild Harvest Organic honey graham teddy bear cookies
I liked these. You can taste such a great flavor in them. I want to say they have fruit juice in them because of their taste but they don't. I guess it's the honey and "natural flavor" I taste.

Wild Harvest Organic vanilla crème sandwich cookies
These are SO GOOD! I loved the natural vanilla taste. Mr. brought home some Oreos one night and I compared these to them, size wise. These had much more filling sandwiched between the cookies. I told Mr. to try these, and he grabbed a handful to eat over the Oreos!

Wild Harvest Organic fruit punch pouches
This was a good flavor, the least favorite for us.

Wild Harvest Organic grape juice pouches
This reminded me of grape flavored medicine syrup, as a kid. But all grape flavors do to me. It's really good though.

Wild Harvest Organic strawberry kiwi pouches
Probably my favorite and my oldest's favorite of the juices.

Wild Harvest Organic wild cherry pouches
This is very cherry, and good.

Thanks Wild Harvest Organic and SheKnows,

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Aubrey said...

Looks like a lot of great products!! Too bad they don't sell in CO stores. Maybe someday...soon!

Erica said...

They all look good thanks for the review I will have to check it out. I found your blog through the mommy blogger directory, i hope you will check out my blogs

Also I am hosting my first Giveaway so if you get a second take a look Thnx

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