Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blogoversary Party Day 5: Giveaway 1: POM Juice

I have another offer from POM Wonderful. I have many reviews and recipes to do with POM juice. You can read them here, here, here and here!

100% Pomegranate Juice contains no added sugars, preservatives or colors, is a good source of potassium, is gluten free, is flash pasteurized to retain both flavor and nutrients!

POM is a Superhero! "With incredibly high levels of naturally occurring poly phenol antioxidants, POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice helps guard your body against free radicals, nasty little molecules that emerging science shows may be linked to disease. That’s a real super power. So what’s it like having a personal superhero? It’s easy to find out. Exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and drink a glass of the Antioxidant Superpower to save the day. Every day."

my no churn pomegranate ice cream found here

One winner will win 1 coupon for a FREE 16 oz bottle of POM Wonderful juice, any flavor.

*ENTER TO WIN! Leave 1 comment below with your answer & email:
-Would you ever cook or bake with POM juice? Check out their recipes!

*BONUS: Optional, earn up to 2 more entries by showing some "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" bloggie luv! -Please post yourself a separate comment for each one that you do or if you already are:

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This Giveaway ends: 11:59 pm pst, Saturday, June 27, 2009.
Please read the fine print:
-Open to all USA residents
(due to shipping)
-I will verify links/names to be fair
-You must leave me your email so I can contact you if you've won

-Winner(s) will be posted on my Blog & Twitter
-I will choose my winner(s) using

Thank you POM!


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17 Lovely Comments:

throuthehaze said...

I would definitely cook/bake with POM juice! I bet it would be great in cupcakes and frosting

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I would if i found a recipe that sounded good! I think it might be nice in muffins or a sauce for meat!


you bet i would cook with it! i've been thinking about how i could use it in slow cooking, making my own salad dressing, mixed drinks, smoothies...


spvaughan WIN POM! @MommyImHungry's Giveaway! RT


Sandra Vaughan WIN POM! @MommyImHungry's Giveaway! RT

"Mommy? I'm Hungry!"



Sandra Vaughan WIN POM! @MommyImHungry's Giveaway! RT

"Mommy? I'm Hungry!"


Linda said...

I would definitely cook or bake with POM Juice. I'll have to go check out their recipes.

Min said...

I will check out the recipes, I would definitely cook with POM. Syrup for pancakes, in a reduction sauce for pork, the possibilities are limitless...

cowgirlmin07 [at] gmail [dot] com


WIN POM! @MommyImHungry's Giveaway! RT


Jenna Z said...

I would absolutely cook with POM! Of course I checked out the dessert section first! HELLO! POM cheesecake!

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Just a Small Town Girl: 1 Bonus entry for adding my party button early! Thank you!

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