Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie: Perfect Party Cake

Carol of mix, mix… stir, stir wanted Perfect Party Cake this week. This is one recipe that always caught my eye when flipping through Dorie's book. I was so excited to get to make it! You can find the recipe on Carol's blog.

I went with the flavors Dorie wrote, lemon, raspberry and coconut shavings. This took a little bit of time to prepare, you had to mix for so many minutes (and please note, it does not say beat at full speed for 3 minutes! ha! I read it wrong and had my mixer almost dancing away, when I realized it said Medium speed for a full 3 minutes!) It was ok, I caught it after 1 minute. My cake baked beautifully for 30 minutes. When done it was only 1" tall though.

Next came the meringue butter cream frosting. 3 sticks of butter!! This took some cooking time, and about 10 minutes mixing time also. Well I am embarrassed to admit this, but maybe someone can learn from my mishap. My mixer dripped some greasy substance into the frosting while mixing! I got what I could out, and was so worried about eating it. I tasted it and all I could taste was the lemon. I decided to use a whipped cream for the filling as Dorie suggested, and the buttercream for the outside layers. Plus that way I would have plenty to frost with. Well I had lots leftover. I added some shaved coconut to finish it off.

Because I used whipped cream, I had to store it in the fridge. When it came time to slice it, the frosting had hardened and pretty much peeled right off the cake. Well I guess that was some relief to my worry of eating it. I did taste it, and it was velvety smooth, like a stick of butter! Was not my Fave. Then I wasn't crazy about the jam in it. The cake part was excellent though! Plus, Mr. ate some, and he's not a coconut fan. It went over well with them, just not me. I was so bummed I ended up not liking it all together. I would love to try the cake part another time with some fresh fruit and a light frosting perhaps.

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20 Lovely Comments:

the ungourmet said...

Too bad it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to. I sure is a pretty cake though.

HoneyB said...

Ohhh, I made this cake with the Daring Bakers - it was awesome! It is exactly what its titled. The Perfect Party Cake! Looks lovely!

Tracey said...

Your cake looks fantastic! Sorry you didn't like the jam or the frosting, but at least you enjoyed the cake. Next time you can try with different frosting and filling to make it perfect!

Sweet as Coco said...

Your cake slice is absolutely PERFECT! So sorry you didn't care for the frosting!

Amanda said...

Aww it came out so beautiful! Sorry it wasn't your fave. I skipped the coconut, used orange instead of lemon, and I filled mine with lemon curd and sweet orange marmalade. You should try it again some time! :)

cheap limo said...

CAKE!!!! hhhmmmmmmmm its really look perfect and now i m hungry.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I want to make that cake:) Where's the link? It was totally beautiful!!!

Baby Signs(R) With Elizabeth ICI, INC. said...

Those look great! This year it will be a Block BBQ with some fireworks. Sometimes we go to the beach and watch all of the great fireworks, but not this year :(

Baby Signs(R) With Elizabeth ICI, INC. said...

Tweeted here and here is my email!


pdxbabysigns at gmail dot com

AmyRuth said...

Hate it when that happens, but.... your cake looks so awesome. Dang! Maybe different flavoring combo. Still, beautiful cake.

Mommynightowl said...

well, now I'm hungry. lol. The cake looks great, perfect even.

and I love the TWD logo. Very spiffy!

Anonymous said...

Please change the color of your font. I can not read it against the black background. Thanks

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

** Please read my current post regarding my font: http://ldylvbgr.blogspot.com/2009/07/sorry-readers.html

Thanks, Rachelle

Bungalow Barbara said...

It sure looks great and I love the "point-on" photograph -- very striking! Sorry you didn't like all of it. The cake is a great basic recipe, do try it again!

Carol Peterman said...

Your cake looks beautiful and I am sorry you didn't enjoy eating it after putting in all the work. Buttercream is rather unpleasant when it's cold, it really needs to be served at room temperature so it is soft and luscious.

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