Thursday, July 16, 2009

Review and Giveaway : -Closed- $50 Gift Card!

This giveaway is now closed.

What beautiful flowers! sent me a beautiful arrangement of lavender color roses and daisies. They sure put a smile on my face every time I walked by the dining room table. Even my two little ones enjoyed looking at them, and scooting them around the table, all the time, haha. It's beautiful to watch the roses open up more each day, as you can tell in my photos from Day 1 to Day 3.

Did you know that a recent Harvard study found that people who made a point of looking at flowers first thing in the morning actually felt cheerier and even more energetic throughout the day. So, would like to encourage my readers to literally stop and smell the roses!

Do you know certain scents and colors of flowers can impact your mood and overall well-being? Here are some suggestions:
Roses – In need of a pick-me-up? The sweet aroma and bold colors of red roses can help boost energy and improve mood.
Lavender – Considered a natural remedy for insomnia, the scent of lavender can prompt your body to produce a calming compound which promotes relaxation and helps relax and alleviate stress.
Mint – With a scent that immediately awakens, the smell of fresh mint is refreshing and purifying to both the body and soul.

Light Purple & Blue
– These hues are soothing and can help relieve tension and reduce anxiety. Use these colored arrangements to create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.
Yellow – A cheerful and uplifting color, yellow enhances alertness, increases self-esteem and can strengthen overall wellbeing.

Learn more about floral scents and colors from Floral Lifestyle Expert, Julie Mulligan here.

One lucky reader will win a $50 gift card to! So De-Stress and Recharge with flowers!

*Rules- ENTER TO WIN! Mandatory entry:
Leave 1 comment below with your answer & your email to qualify.
What color and scent are your favorite for flowers?

*BONUS: Optional, earn up to 4+ more entries by showing some "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" bloggie luv with #1 and #2 below! Please post yourself the extra comments for entries.

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This Giveaway ends: 7 pm pst Thursday, July 23, 2009.
Please read the fine print:
-Open to all USA residents
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-You must leave me your email so I can contact you if you've won

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Thank you and my local florist for the beautiful flowers!

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51 Lovely Comments:

Stacy said...

I think I would have to say mint is the most appealing scent to me (although everything about me says I should go with lavender - with two very energetic toddlers I can use all of the stress reliving I can get!!)

I also love the light blue and purple color combination - very visually appealing and again who can't use a little relief from tension and anxiety??? I know I sure can!!!

Thanks so much to you and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM for doing this awesome giveaway! You guys ROCK!

Barbara Bakes said...

Fun giveaway! I know flowers definitely make me happier. I love the smell and huge variety of colors of roses.

Debbie said...

I love purple flowers and lilacs are my favorites!

Melissa said...

I love having flowers in the house! In the early summer I love to bring peonies in the house - ours are so fragrant...especially the dark purple/pink ones!

{Katie Lane} said...

I believe flowers can impact your mood for sure! I'd really like some yellow, pink and orange roses!! Or that Lemonade one is pretty cool :)

fourkidsmom said...

Would love to win flowers. Don't have much of a green thumb so someone else has to grow them for me.

Melissa said...

I have "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" bloggie luv on my blog. I get 4 extra posts, right?

Deanna said...

Tweet tweet:

Kristen said...

My favorite flowers are Daisy's, which are white, but I love them best when they are mixed in with a bunch of colorful wild flowers.
As far as scents go, I can't get enough of lilac! We have a lilac bush and I love to just sit by it for the scent!

{Katie Lane} said...

I blogged about this give here:

{Katie Lane} said...

I blogged comment #2

Kelli said...

I think Rosemary is a wonderful smell and color. After reading this I think I should put some lavender in kimbers room, maybe she will sleep all night!

Kelli said...

I blogged about it here

parentingBYdummies said...

Favorite color is yellow and I'm not a huge flower scent fan. Hope I win! And, thanks for making it to my SITS party today, you rock:)

Anonymous said...

I love Lillies because they come in a lot of different colors but Scent wise I am a Vanilla and lavander girl :)

JennyMac said...

Fab giveaway! I LOVE orange roses. As well as white lily and magnolias. Magnolia trees abound here in GA and they absolutely fill the air with the sweetest scent in the spring.

Leslie M. said...

I love the Color Lilac and the Scent Lilac.. and the reason why is that my Aunt LOVED these Flowers and before she passed away she planted them in our Garden in NY.. they were Gorgeous and almost grew wild!! I grew to LOVE THEM SO MUCH and they remind me of Aunt Rosemary!!
Thanks so much for the Chance to win!

Leslie M. said...

#1 LeslieVeg left her inital Daily Tweet for Thursday


Leslie M. said...

#2 LeslieVeg left her inital Daily Tweet for Thursday


knitwitphd said...

I love the scent of honeysuckle on the vine. Currently my favorite colors are the orange blues and yellows of the flowers at the farmers market.

What a nice blog! I just discovered you and have added you to my list of favorites.


Leslie M. said...

LeslieVeg left a Friday Tweet


Mom on the Run said...

I love purple roses.....They are my absolute favorite!! Scent wise I love lavender as well. It makes any room smell great.


Carrie M said...

My favorite flowers do not really have a scent. I love sunflowers, they remind me of summertime.

jerricapuck said...

I like mint scents and Light Purple & Blue.

Leslie M. said...

LeslieVeg left a Saturday tweet for these Fabu Flowers and her friend Rachelle!!!

Erin Glover said...

I love the lavender scent and enjoy just about any bright flower...they just make me smile!

JoeyfromSC said...

Carrie and I are on the same page lol

I LOVE sunflowers and they do not really have a smell, but the yellow/brown makes me happy! i love the huge ones!:)

thank you for the chance to win!

Leslie M. said...

LeslieVeg left a Sunday Tweet


auntrene said...

My favorite flowers are Daisy's, and Forget Me Nots.. for smell I would say Sweet Peas, I also like the smell of Bee Balm (weird I know) I don't necessarily want the Bee Balm smell in my home, but my grandmother always grew Bee Balm so the smell reminds me of her and her beautiful garden.
My favorite color flowers are usually Yellow, daffodils, black eyed susans, Coreopsis, I could go on.. I love flowers.
Thanks for the awesome chance.
itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com

auntrene said...

I tweeted on Twitter

Anonymous said...

I love pink tulips! They are my favorite.

Kim said...

my faves are blue - and pineapple scents! weird, sure. but GOOD!

Katrina said...

My favorite flowers are white tulips. Favorite scent? Hmmm. Chocolate! ;)
I love the smell of gardenia, we had lots at our wedding, even my husbands corsage--the smell was so strong he got sick from it and now hates that smell. (I still like it!)

Leslie M. said...

LeslieVeg left a Monday Tweet

Leslie M. said...

LeslieVeg left a Tuesday Tweet!


Leslie M. said...

LeslieVeg left a Wed Tweet

Leslie M. said...

LeslieVeg left a Thursday Tweet

Tamara B. said...

I love the color of purple and the scent of lavender.

JoeyfromSC said...

Thursday tweet

Btw, I voted for your grandmother's angel food cake recipe!! Looks So yummy!

JoeyfromSC said...

Okay the comment box is working now lol
My computer was acting weird

this is entry #2 for tweeting:

Felicity said...

I missed the great chance to enter in this giveaway.!! Well, I always prefer to get beautiful and fresh flowers from 1-800-Flowers.

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