Friday, July 10, 2009

Review: Hot on the Range Children's Book

I was recently contacted to review Hot on the Range by R.D. Jentsch. A children's book about barnyard animals who become very hot in the Texas heat and look for ways to keep cool. One horse in particular, a beautiful paint horse named Chester found many ways to try to keep cool but they weren't working. He even sniffed a cactus flower to see if t would help, but only got a prickly thorn stuck in his nose. Then he saw the in the Master's yard, a bird bath full of water and ...

Well, I'm not going to give it away! That's like telling the ending to a great movie you haven't seen! =)

Anyways, this was a fun book to read, especially since my little girl loves horses. It's full of beautiful water color illustrations by David. C. Bryant. The Author, R.D. Jentsch lives on a ranch in Texas, where she owns fourteen horses of her own.

When school starts back up, we're going to donate our copy to the school's library or her 1st grade class. =)
Thank you Rebekah for letting us review and enjoy your wonderful book! I'm sure it will please any horse lover who reads it!

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