Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sorry, Readers...* I fixed it!! *

Thank you Camille!! That did the trick. Now you'll see my font before the page loads, since I changed my background color in settings.

Thank you Anonymous for the comment on my TWD Party Cake. But if my page loads slowly for you I cannot help it. I have tried to do what I can to make it load faster for others but I don't know what else I can do.

Is this what you're seeing, before the page loads all the way?

As for changing the color of the font, so it's readable, before the page loads, sorry won't happen. My font is black, red and blue on a white background as you can see below in my screenshot. I use a black font, so if anyone wants to print a recipe, they can copy and paste it to print in black already.

After my page loads (which is only a few seconds for me and my connection) it will look like this:

Thank you Anonymous for your concerned comment. I thought I would post this for anyone else who is wondering why I would make my font not readable.

If you follow along or subscribe to my blog, you'd for sure be able to read it in your reader/email with no problems. =)


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5 Lovely Comments:

Mary at My New 30 said...

It only takes a few seconds for me too though one time it did take awhile. I'm guessing the Google folks were "messing around with things" again... wish they'd quit!!


o, your stuff is very readable to are the pictures which is why my computer gets so drowned in drool when i read the recipes and see the pictures!!!

camille said...

I have the same situation... how about instead of changing the font colour, changing the (base) background colour? You don't have to change your wallpaper or anything, but if the background of the actual page was white or pale, the text could be read even before the wallpaper loaded.

I mean, the wallpaper doesn't take forever to load for me, but it isn't there from the start, so I see where anon is coming from.

Grammy Blick said...

I, too, thank you Camille!!! I would have to highlight to read. For some reason, due to my browser, the background takes ages to load or shows "Done, but with errors on page", while the reset of the page comes up just fine. The remaining graphics loaded fine.

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