Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie: Brownie Buttons

It's Tuesday again! Jayma of Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen selected Dorie's Brownie Buttons for her TWD.

I heard these were all the rave from our P&Q at TWD so I was excited about them. However, since I was out of chocolate except for 2 baking squares and some cocoa powder I decided to substitute. I baked them for about 11 minutes, because baked good in mini tins do not take much time at all! Then I tried to melt my white chocolate chips in a double broiler (and then again in the microwave but scorched them!), and they weren't melting, but getting ruined. I asked about it in the P&Qs and was reminded that white choco. chips do not melt down so easily anyway! Bummer! So I dusted them with powdered sugar and orange zest and took them on a photo op.

Well, I am sad to report that my brownie buttons came out sort of dense and dry. Something had gone wrong, and I think it was the chocolates. I also couldn't detect any of the orange flavor from the zest.

I would love to try these again with no substitutions because they sound amazing! See for yourself at Jayma's blog, and make yourself some!


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14 Lovely Comments:

MOMSWEB said...

Oh my goodness...it's too early to read about brownies. Now I want brownies for breakfast! They look delicious!

Tracey said...

Love the sprinkle of orange zest on top! They look perfect! I had issues with the white chocolate too.

Ingrid said...

Bummer about them not tasting good but they did take a lovely photo.

Btw, I learned the hard way about white chocolate chips.They don't have enough cocoa butter. Ghirardelli white chocolate chips work better but still not great.

Danielle said...

they sure do look good. maybe you can crumble them and use them for something else :)

Jennifer said...

Im so sorry yours turned out a bit dry! Perhaps it was the cocoa addition? Nevertheless they are picture perfect :)

Anonymous said...

That's a bummer that you didn't like them when they look sooo good! You should definitely try them again! I liked them with the taste of orange!

Linda said...

i know you weren't pleased with the results, but that pretty photo says otherwise.

margot said...

They look great! I learned the hard way about melting white chocolate chips too.

Pamela said...

Sorry that they weren't as tasty as you had hoped. They sure looked pretty, though.

Anonymous said...

3 tbsp cocoa plus 1 tbsp melted butter or shortening equals 1 square or ounce unsweetened chocolate.

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