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Product Review: KOR ONE Hydration Vessel

From Mommy I'm Hungry

The gracious people of KOR ONE sent us over one of their Eco-Gorgeous KOR ONE Hydration Vessels for review. It's cute, and it's pink! Here are some stats on KOR ONE:

-Orchid Pink Hydration Vessel
-750 mL / 25 ounces of pure hydration
-BPA-free, health safe materials (made from Tritan)
-Hinged cap for easy open / close
-Threadless, perfect spout
-Dishwasher safe (top–rack)

The KOR ONE is more than just a water bottle. It's a reminder of what motivates you. Designed into the cap is a place for your KOR Stone™ - a disc-shaped token with a message that provides a little bit of inspiration each time you drink.

From Mommy I'm Hungry

KOR ONE features a hinged cap and handle that allows for quick, easy access to drinking ‐ with one hand. Just think you'll never have to look for that ‘water bottle top' again.

From Mommy I'm Hungry

The KOR ONE's ergonomic opening provides a great drinking experience. Because the cap doesn’t screw on, there are no annoying threads on your mouth. The spout is large enough to let you go with the flow, but small enough to minimize splashes. Ice cubes are welcome as well.

Less is Finally More
You Are Not at Odds with the World
Drink a little water, and you'll be a little healthier. Drink a little water from a reusable container, and the earth will be a little healthier. The KOR ONE hydration vessel will convince you that "green" water tastes better.

Made from Eastman Tritan™, the KOR ONE does not contain the chemical BPA, which is found in polycarbonate bottles. What does that mean? It's simple. We believe you drink water to be healthy and we want to keep it that way.

They also offer these colors which represent a specific water-related cause and the non-profits for the Thirst for Giving™ program based on the extraordinary work they are doing for the causes KOR supports:
-Ice Blue Ocean Protection -Algalita Marine Research Foundation
-Sawgrass Green Watershed Protection -The Wetlands Initiative
-Sunrise Orange Container Recycling -The Container Recycling Institute
-Orchid Pink Global Water Crisis -Blue Planet Run

I love this water bottle, it's nice to know I'm drinking my own filtered water from home from a safe bottle. I always take a water bottle with me when I'm out and about. However, I must tell you, the shape of this bottle is sort of oval. It does not fit in my drink holders in my car. *sigh* So I have to lay it on the seat next to me, but then it roll around. I also wish the handle was made a little easier for carrying around. Oh, and when you go to wash this, I would suggest taking out the message stones. Even though the seal was on it, mine still got wet inside and I had to take them out to dry. I looked for those instructions but didn't see anything about that so I thought it'd be OK to wash with them in.

*UPDATE* I was just informed, there is info about this on the site: " However we want to caution you that the chamber where the Stones are inserted isn't waterproof. Washing your vessel or filling it too vigorously could result in your Stone getting wet. This could cause the ink to run or the paper to curl. For this reason, the stones that come with your vessel are printed on special waterproof paper. If you create your own stones, please remember to remove them before washing your vessel and be careful not to splash too much water on the cap when filling it with water. "

What I love about KOR ONE is the message behind their logo

From Mommy I'm Hungry

"You might notice that the KOR logo’s green and blue arms reach upward to close the water drop but don't quite touch. The gap acknowledges the constant divide between our goals and achievements. Once you're on the path to “being green,” you find there’s always something more you could do – and in the eyes of some you’re never doing quite enough. That’s OK. Finding balance – in ourselves and in the environment – is a continuous process that never truly ends. It only matters that you’re on your way."

You can buy a KOR ONE Hydration Vessel either online at their site or check here for a retail store near you!

From Mommy I'm Hungry

Thank you KOR ONE for allowing me to review your water vessel. other images from google

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Chrystina said...

Way cool! It is funky looking, and I like it. I will head over to their site to check them out!! Thanks for sharing like you do!!

Anonymous said...

How were you able to obtain the bottle for review? I am also interested in doing so as well

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