Saturday, December 26, 2009

Review: Lindsay Olives

Lindsay Olives’ new reclosable packaging make olives easy to enjoy, simple to store. I just love that we can eat a few and put them back into the fridge!

Lindsay Olives now come in reclosable plastic 6.5 oz. tubs, an option to the traditional 6 oz. can, making olives more accessible for snacking or adding to recipes ‘olive the time.’ You just simply open the pull-top lid, spoon out some olives, then re-close with the plastic cap and store in the refrigerator. No need to transfer to another container. Once opened, the olives can be refrigerated, with or without brine, for up to 10 days. The reclosable container is recyclable and re-usable, and is available in Original black ripe olives and new Italian seasoned flavors.

We were sent these two flavors to review. The Italian seasoning gives olive lovers a delicious new choice for low calorie yet satisfying snacking. Natural oregano, basil and rosemary create the Italian flavor – a consumer favorite according to Lindsay research.
-I can see why! WOW! These are great! Next time I make homemade pizza, THESE are going on it! The flavors are perfect for a pizza! Big thumbs up there!

I put out the original olives on a relish tray for Christmas, and of course those were gone in seconds! I think everyone is an olive lover! In our home they are anyways. You know, stick one on each finger and eat away!

Lindsay Olives provides a full line of olives, ranging from the delicious, savory California black ripe olives to more exotic imported varieties like stuffed Spanish Queens and Greek Kalamatas. For wonderful recipes and serving suggestions, please visit their site for a money saving coupon also!

I wrote this review for "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" about Lindsay Olives. I received product to review and keep as compensation for my honest opinion of the product. All opinions for this review are that of myself & family.

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Grammy Blick said...

I love olives -- green and black. We could always return left over greens to their jars, but searched for something to hold the blacks. This is neat! Of course, if there were more than my spouse and children, there were no olives left to save. I just don't know what happened to their tastebuds. Poor things.

camille said...

More types of food need to come in recloseable containers! I've been able to get around it with olives because supermarkets that have salad bars in their deli area generally have olives there, so I'll just put a few in a salad container if I need some for a recipe. But not all supermarkets have a self-serve salad bar, so this is a big help!

Mommy Kennedy said...

My kids love these! Even the baby! Of note, you can get them even cheaper when Walgreens has them on sale for around $1 each and use the coupon from their site!

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