Monday, December 14, 2009

Review: Musselman's Applesauce and a Craft

The holiday season is quickly approaching and what better way to welcome it than by whipping up some delicious kitchen creations for you and your family! Musselman's Applesauce makes a tasty, simple side dish for all those upcoming holiday meals and, unlike many sides, it’s healthy and kids love the taste. Plus, with our wide variety available (including Natural, Cinnamon and Home Style Chunky), you can create the perfect accompaniment to any holiday meal! Please check out their site for a few great recipes!

Musselman's sent us full-sized product samples of their Original and Cinnamon apple sauce to review for you. Since my kids just love to eat it as is, it did not last long in our fridge. Of course it was great, and I love the cinnamon flavor. The jars they come in are so handy too. They have a little handle carved in it for easy grip and pick up, and you can turn it upside down to store, so you can get every last bit out. So I'm sorry since I wasn't able to save any for some recipes, but let me share a craft with you instead, that you use make using applesauce!

We made these hand print ornaments last year for our tree. I searched online for a recipe, and finally went with this one. All you need is applesauce, cinnamon (I found larger containers of it at the $1 store) and glue. I used my stand mixer to do the heavy duty work, then we rolled it out like a cookie dough. I traced my kids hand prints for a template and cut it out on the dough. Poked a hole in it to hang a string later, and let them air dry (for many days!) on a tray. They gave off a great scent when hung on the tree. They've kept all year too, so they're a great little keepsake also!

Musselman's sent us free product for us to review and share on my blog.

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