Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sew Cute Valentines!

I saw a link to Zakka Life about some cute crafty valentines, and at the end she posted another style she made. I thought it was so cute I had to ask my 6 year old which ones she wanted to make. So I scratched my other crafty idea for valentines and made these instead! Everything came from the Dollar Tree store, they were out of heart shape doilies so I found rectangle doilies in their wedding decorations sections (much easier to sew a straight line, than a heart shape line anyways, haha).

We added some stickers to them and signed the backs with her name. Then I pinned a freezer baggie (more sturdier) over the front and sewed a straight stitch around the edge of the plain part of the doily. Leave one end open so you can fill with your treats and then sew it up. Trim the excess baggy off around your stitch and there ya go! I guess they'll have to rip open the baggy to get the candy out. =)

I made these way ahead of time, so just don't plan to make them the night before. It took me probably 2 hours, and be sure to practice sewing on a spare doilie because at first I wanted to use a cute zig zag stitch, but it ate my doilie up! So I recommend a straight stitch.

click to check it out closer:

I am participating in Made By You Mondays, Valentine SYS Party and Making The World Cuter with my Valentines!



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CDC said...

how cute! i'm sure all of her classmates will love them, and the parents will be jealous;)

katy said...

Those are super cute. I'm a fan of anything made with a doily :)

zakkalife said...

Your doily Valentines came out just perfect. And I really like how they look with the rectangle doilies.

Thanks for sharing the link with your readers :)



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