Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesdays with Dorie: Coconut Tea Cake

Carmen of Carmen Cooks picked Coconut Tea Cake for her TWD week. This almost didn't happen for me, we had family stay the weekend and it's the start of race season where both our girls race their Mini Dwarf & Jr. Sprint cars (It's a daddy doing). Well, I made it happen at the very last minute, that's why this is an afternoon post.

This recipe has coconut milk and coconut in it and smells wonderful baking! I could not wait, I sliced us up a slice of warm coconut tea cake and it was just wonderful! I baked mine at 345' (dark bundt pan) for only 50 minutes and it was perfect to me.
Other TWDers said theirs was dry and didn't taste much of the coconut flavor. Sure the shredded coconut you add to the batter pretty much disappears once baked, but I thought it had a nice flavor. (I also omitted the rum.)

I would say this is safe for non coconut lovers, there's nothing textural about it and the flavor is mild.

I also made a simple icing with coconut milk, powdered sugar and vanilla and sprinkled some coconut on top of the icing. Man was that stuff good! It sure boosted the coconut flavor.

I think this may go on the 'Dorie's make again list'! This would be perfect to have for Easter this weekend, even cuter with pastel colored coconut on top! Head over to Carmen's blog for the recipe.


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6 Lovely Comments:

Nickki said...

Your cake looks gorgeous with the coconut sprinkled over the top :-) I also loved this cake. I added lime and malibu rum to mine.

Caroline said...

Looks very tasty, I really like the sounds of the glaze you made. I had wanted to make one but didn't, good call. I think I'll try it again with one.

Anonymous said...

Your cake is gorgeous! Thanks for baking with me this week. :)

Pamela said...

It looks REALLY tempting with the coconut and the frosting on there! Yummy!

Romaine said...

Love your picture collage at the end of the post. Makes me want a piece of cake. Wish I still had some left.

Becky said...

yours looks yummy! I am trying mine today and totally going to do a glaze. I've never made a glaze with coconut milk so it should be fun.


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