Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesdays with Dorie: Thumbprints For Us Big Guys

Cookies! Cookies! and lots of cookies! Mike of Ugly Food Dude selected Thumbprints For Us Big Guys for TWD this week.

I was never a huge fan of thumbprint cookies because of the baked jam. It turns sticky and chewy. But Dorie's recipe is wonderful because it is not baked into the cookie!

I warmed up 3 flavors of preserves, apricot, raspberry and blackberry. Don't they look like little gems? =)
Anyways, I also used almonds that I ground up, instead of the hazelnuts, and all vanilla extract, not a fan of almond extract.

These little suckers crack when you make your thumbprints in them, and then once baked, they fill back up so you have to hurry and very carefully (because they will crumble!) re press a thumbprint (or finger print) into them. Then you put a dab of warmed jam into them. After a while, once they've set the jam will set up, so storing them will be easier.

I thought these were great little cookies and the kids thought they were fun. This makes tons of them, so who wants one? =)

Be sure to check out Mike's blog for this recipe!

And guess what!! Be sure to come by and check out next week's TWD because it's MY turn to pick a yummy Dorie recipe!! Eeek! So excited! It's also Mr.s Birthday week, so it'll be special. =)


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8 Lovely Comments:

Jessica said...

I've never like jam cookies either! But you're right, these are pretty great! I'm excited to make your pick next week!

Valerina said...

Beautiful cookies! I bet that the blackberry versions were delicious!! :)

erin said...

mmm... blackberry sounds delicious! Your cookies look gorgeous!

CB said...

You should rename your thumbprint cookies to Jewel Cookies! So purdy. Speaking of next week... I CAN'T WAIT! Happy early birthday to your Mr. B.

Debbie said...

I do like thumbprint cookies (for all the reasons you don't. LOL .) Your cookies look better than any I've seen! Mmmm... just give me a hot cup of coffee and one of those.

Nickki said...

Your cookies look so pretty! I also loved the fact that you don't have to bake the jam. Can't wait to bake along with you next week!

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