Thursday, July 29, 2010

11 Winners Thanks to Tropicana!

Wow, 11 winners for my Tropicana juice giveaway! I am pretty amazed that not one person was picked twice from 153 comments! Sure makes it easy for me! Here we go...

The first number drawn is #114 Amyd and you win the Grand Prize of the $10 Bloomingdale's gift card + 3 Tropicana juice coupons for free product!

My other 10 winners who will receive a coupon for Free Tropicana juice are:

#99 Jennifer Neal

#94 Chisum's Crew

#92 Mishia

#77 Jaime

#127 Chrystal

#144 Pamela S

#88 Amber01sw

#137 annemarie562000

#104 wendy

#119 OneDayItWillBeAlright

Congrats to you all! I will be emailing you all in a bit, so keep an eye out and please reply soon! Thanks!

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