Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MamaBuzz Review: My Coupons, Great for Back to School!

Hello everyone! I am back online but trying to find time to sit and play with all these unpacked boxes around me! So for my welcome back post, let me share a MamaBuzz review with you!

Are you a deal finder? Do you like to save money when shopping? Do you love coupon codes? Well check this out! My Coupons is a coupon website, where their deal finders will search the net for great deals for YOU! Hey Parents! They have a great back to school category, with tons of deals to shop online from many big name companies! Check out their Free, Exclusive Coupons to help you save money this upcoming school year! Such as, Rocky Mountain Trail has "12% OFF Any Backpack purchase" and they have sales going on! Deal!
But really, also save anytime since they have deals all over their site, like everything from automobiles, food, weddings and a lot more!

I know when I shop online, I like to try to find a great deal and save some money with a coupon code. I'm glad to know My Coupons has it all there ready for me! They even have your area's local coupons for printing! If you like to chat along with others, they also have a Community for all deal related chats! Their site is easy to navigate and offer a stores list, categories list, printable coupons, submitting a coupon feature as well as discount gift cards.

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I wrote this review for "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" about My Coupons. I received free a $5 giftcard to keep for this review through My Coupons & MamaBuzz. All opinions for this review are that of myself & family. Product info & stock images provided by My Coupons site.

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