Monday, September 13, 2010

Costume SuperCenter: Review

My oldest was excited that I was asked to review the Costume SuperCenter. Every year we end roaming the entire Halloween store wondering what she could be (of course we still get to do that with our 2 youngest). Shopping online made it much easier! Plus most costumes come with accessories so that's nice!

Teen Grand Slam Baseball Costume 4 piece set
The stretch knit jersey dress features blue sleeves and a blue and white pinstripe pattern. The "Grand Slam" team logo is embroidered and trimmed in red sequins. It features a large #10 on the back and a smaller number on 10 the left front. The costume also comes with a pair of black stretch knit shorts, a solid red baseball cap and thigh high athletic socks.

We were wanting to get another teen costume, but it wasn't available until late Sept. I did call their Customer Service and verify the sizing on it and determined what we'd need. So then I had to wait and wait for it to become available. Then as I kept checking the status, I saw it said it was out of stock. Huh??  Were they not going to get it in?? So I decided to call their Customer Service at 3pm to see what was up, and they were closed!! So sadly I had to make my Tween choose another costume (insert all the tween huffs and puffs and grouchy-tudes here).
One thing I notice most of costumes, are how risqué they are for "Teens". Even on this site, we had to scroll on past all the showy costumes. Why can't they make costumes more modest? Make the skirt longer, the tops more covered up! So with this teen sports costume she'll be wearing longer shorts (and or leggings) than what comes with it. I do approve of this one, since it's more covered up. This costume is great, well made and put together. It's all stretchy material so it is clingy (*sigh). She loves the socks! I ordered her the medium size and on the package it states it size as Ages 10-14, Jr sz 7-9, weight 95-125 lbs, something the website won't tell you.

Costume SuperCenter does have a large selection of costumes for everyone from infant to adult including wigs, accessories and makeup. They offer group costumes (those are fun!), Maternity costumes (cool!), Humorous, TV and Movie (fun ones!) and lots lots more!! Shipping is fast (about 1 1/2 weeks for ours!) Hurry and shop, Halloween will be here soon!

I wrote this review for "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" about Costume SuperCenter. I received free a free costume of our choice to keep for this review. All opinions for this review are that of myself & family. Product info & stock images provided by PR or Co.

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camille said...

I hear you on the revealing costumes thing - that's because Halloween is now officially All Skanks Eve, at least when it comes to women! It's ridiculous - go to any college and it's sexy nurse, sexy witch, sexy cat, sexy thief, sexy tree, sexy small-appliance repairperson... think of something and I guarantee someone will have found a way to skank it up! And I guess high school kids are emulating college kids as usual.

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