Monday, November 8, 2010

Beka Chef Eco-logic Green Cookware: Review

Beka Chef Eco-logic 100% is the World's first 100% green cookware, both in manufacturing and recycling. My review is for their non-stick fry pan with ceramic coating. Their Superior Ceramica coating on their Chef Eco-logic 100% cookware uses less energy for searing and grilling and that is why they're perfect for to cook at lower heat for simmering soups and stocks.

High performing materials respecting the environment and guaranteeing an optimal heat conductivity:

The Chef Eco-logic 100% range consists of a thick and durable aluminium body. Through an exclusive and worldwide patented 100% eco-friendly process the surface of the aluminium body is converted into a hard ceramic oxide guaranteeing an excellent adhesion of the inner and outer coating.
- Outside transparent coating on the treated and hardened aluminium surface. No chemical dyes are used.
- Extreme high abrasion and wear resistance due to the eco-friendly hardening process
- Stay cool, cast- hollow handles

Eco-logic by BEKA

This product carries the environmentally friendly Bekadur Ceramica coating without PFOA or PTFE. PFOA is a chemical that is used in the manufacturing process of traditional non-stick coatings. It is not present in finished cookware, so there is never a health risk for consumers, but during the manufacturing process the chemical can damage the environment and the health of factory workers. For the production of the Bekadur Ceramica coating no PFOA-chemicals are needed. It is sometimes said that if you would by accident overheat a traditional non-stick coating, PTFE-chemicals inside the coating could be released into the air. A ceramic coating does not contain PTFE. source

I was sent the Beka Chef Eco-logic 8" fry pan for my review. This little pan is a beauty! It's strong, durable and cooks so beautifully! It's my new "egg pan". Lately I've been making omelets for breakfast for us, and it's the perfect size for one (I use just enough egg mixture to fill the bottom of the pan, I like mine to be thin). It's perfect for a couple of pieces of fish (I was making myself fish tacos) and I also cooked up some Quorn burgers another time. It's got a great non stick coating, cooks evenly and I think the best would be that it can go into the oven up to 392' F. (though I haven't tried that yet) and that it is suitable for all stove tops. Click here to watch their video.

I am having a heck of a time trying to find out where you could purchase this particular pan. Their website is information about the product only. Their North America office is in NY and they have this email and phone number for contact #001/631 501 1057.

For more information about Beka’s extensive line of gourmet cookware please visit their website at

I wrote this review for "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" about Becka Chef Eco-logic. I received free product to keep for this review from Becka Chef Eco-logic. All opinions for this review are that of myself & family. Product info & stock images provided by PR or Co. Thanks Beka! 

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