Friday, November 19, 2010

-closed- An Early Christmas Giveaway with CSN Stores

Christmas time is near, and you'll probably be gathering around your coffee tables with your loved ones, munching away on goodies before the big dinner. I wish I could say the same, but we don't have a coffee table. I'll have to look at CSN Stores and see what styles they have. But back to that dinner I mentioned...are you making a ham, turkey or something else for your main course? We usually do a ham at Christmas and a Turkey at Thanksgiving. Which ever you do, you can be certain it'll be cooked properly with a Polder Cooking Thermometer and Timer!

I've ordered myself one of these, and it should be here soon, because CSN Stores has great shipping, but I really need one of these! Lately I've been roasting pork roasts, and every time they've taken different times to get done. I have one of those old regular meat thermometers, but it's so unreliable and doesn't read right most of the time. Really frustrating when trying to plan to sit down for dinner. With this, I can stick the probe in the meat, set the temp and timer, and let it roast away!  So I am excited to be getting this in time for the Holiday dinner!

And as a way of saying thanks for being here with me, all of my "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" fans will have a chance to win one too, just from me!!! Which ever you celebrate, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from me to you!

ONE "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" reader will win a Polder Cooking Thermometer and Timer!


 All you have to do is tell me how big of a "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" fan you are! Tell me how do you follow along? Facebook fan page? Email list? Google Friend Connect/Reader? Twitter? Follow my recipe blog too? Saved my URL in your Faves? How long have you been visiting my blog? New here recently? Welcome!

Tell me all in 1 comment below to be entered to win!

This Giveaway ends: 11:59 pm pst, Monday, December 6, 2010.
Please read the fine print:
- Open to USA
- Please leave your email
- Winner(s) will be notified by email and announced on my Blog, Twitter and FB soon after
- I will choose my winner(s) using

- Winner(s) will have 72 hours to claim their prize before a new winner is chosen
- Important! Please read about my giveaway rules

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I wrote this preview review for "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" about CSN Stores. I will have received free product to keep for this review from CSN Stores. I am providing this giveaway for my fans. All opinions for this review are that of myself & family. Product info & stock images provided by PR or Co.

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29 Lovely Comments:

Diana said...

I mostly follow you on Facebook and twitter. I've been following you for a few months now and the I usually come over to your blog to check giveaways! THanks for the giveaway!

Tawnya said...

I am a HUGE fan of your blog!!! I've been following you for a while now and I can't get enough! I LOVE seeing you on Facebook, I love your recipes, and I love your reviews. You're awesome! sincerely, :)

LadyFidza said...

Hello! I'm your new stalker on your blog :) Found you on twitter and just got to check out you blog today. I love cooking, so your recipe sections are going to be my favorite page to go to. Trying new recipes, always been one of the thing I love to do.
And I just followed you on twitter, google friend connect and your new fan on your facebook page :)

Thanks again for having this giveaway and wonderful blog! :)


Anonymous said...

I follow you on Facebook, Twitter and your blog.Love your giveaways and recipes.Keep up the good work and thanks.

Kelli said...

My focus for the next few weeks is going to be you and only you. I want to win each and every giveaway between now and christmas, so that way it will be easier for you to just send it all in one package. hehe. I follow you on twitter, facebook, bloggy reader and love love love you!

amber01sw said...

I follow on Fb as Amber Lusk MacDonald, i get ur emails, follow both blogs on GFC as amber01sw. follow on twitter as Amber01sw

Ashley said...

I'm a huge fan! I really love all that you do. I follow through gfc.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very nice! I am a follower via google friend connect, both blogs and love reading about what fun giveaways you have!

ButterYum said...

Hi Rachelle - this is an excellent giveaway. I used my probe thermometer regularly until my 15 year old broke it accidentally. I would really like to win another.

I am a really big fan of "Mommy? I'm Hungry!". I follow both of your blogs on google reader, facebook, and twitter. I've only been following for a few months, but signed on as soon as I found you ;).

Have a great weekend.


meeyeehere said...

I would say I am a huge stalker/fan or whatever.I am a gfc follower,facebook killer,twitter addict and I got you in a reader.I also sleep under your window at night,and sometimes steal a sock out of your dryer.Yup,that was me. See,all good

Small Footprints said...

I'm not sure how long I've been following you but ... for awhile now. I love your blog and your giveaways. I follow you on google friend connect, I'm an email subscriber, I'm a facebook fan (I'm Sml Footprints) and a twitter follower (I'm @smallftprints). And yep, I follow your recipe blog, too! Yay!

Thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway!

reducefootprints at gmail dot com

Karen said...

I only recently found your blog and am loving it. Can't remember how exactly but such is the way of the world wide web. I follow you by way of RSS feed. I'm old school. ;-) Thanks for all you do!

Mom2anutball said...

I follow you on facebook, here and your other blog too!

I stop my a couple times a week!

Thanks for the giveaway!
fineinsanity {at} live {dot} com

Dina said...

I became a big fan of yours recently after you left a comment on a post on my blog. Now I visit daily and follow along on Facebook, Google Friend Connect/Reader, Twitter, and follow the recipe blog too. I love your review style and your honest opinions. Happy Holidays to you, too!

Erin said...

I'm a huge fan! =o) I've been following for awhile now (and your recipe blog too!) I follow via GFC and love all the amazing giveaways you have! They are awesome!

Lanee said...

I follow you on FB, twitter and I follow your giveaway and recipe blogs with GFC. I've been visiting for maybe 2 months now and I can't wait to try out some of your recipes!

Lanee said...

Always forget to add my email address :P

laneefoster at gmail dot com

Mama needs a nap said...

Hi, I'm a new fan, but I'm following you through GFC (krishackney) and Facebook (Kristen Hackney-Redman) and Twitter (@mammaneedsanap). I'll have to check out the recipe blog. I like food. ;-D
krishackney at suddenlink dot net

Mindi said...

I love your blog! I follow you via GFC, facebook, and twitter! I have been following your blog for several months now! Thanks for all that you do!

Danelle said...

Well considering i found you jsut today. I figure I have signed up everyway possible and also plan on doing the same on your other blog as well. I love the recipies I have seen so far and plan on coming back many times just for reading and ideas.

I follow google reader,twitter,facebook

Your other blog I follow via GFC and google reader

danellejohns at gmail dot com

Faye @ "" said...

You know me ;) I've been "following" you and your recipes long before you even started blogging ;)

FB friend, FB Fan, GFC follower, & Twitter follower :)

Been wanting a probe thermometer for ages! Thanks for hosting this, Rachelle :)


Carolyn G said...

I have been a fan for a while now because I love your recipes. I follow you on gfc, facebook and twitter. I subscribe to both blogs and prbably have been following for a year now.

janetfaye said...

I love your blog! I enjoy reading your posts on FB. I also follow you on GFC and Twitter. I don't know how long I have been following you, maybe almost a year.

maryjanesharp said...

I follow your blog through Facebook. I started following you about a month ago for your Live Gluten Freely giveaway and have entered several other of your giveaways. I could really use this one because my meat thermometer recently stopped being realiable (which I discovered while trying to determine if my Thanksgiving turkey was done).

Jeannette said...

i'm a pretty huge fan! :) i follow you on my google reader and your facebook page. i follow your recipe site and on twitter. i bookmarked your site in my faves, and i've been visiting your site for at least a year now! whew!

SLS(atlmuzikfanzinc) said...

I'm definitely a big fan of your blog. I'm subscribed to your rss feed. I follow you on twitter as well as facebook. Those are the places I get notices the most to go check out what's new on your blog. I also have your recipe blog bookmarked in my browser, so I can go back and learn how to make some of your delicious recipes. I've been following your blog for a couple of months now and I'm glad I did.

atlmuzikfanzinc at gmail dot com

scottsgal said...

I get your feed in reader, follow on gfc and facebook as well. I enjoy your blog and the great giveaways you have and have been visiting for quite awhile now
msboatgal at

Ashley said...

I'm a big fan of your blog!!! I follow on FB, GFC, Twitter, your recipe blog on GFC, and I only a fairly recently found your blog! I love it! Way to go!!

reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com

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