Monday, May 14, 2012

4 Ingredients Gluten-Free Cookbook Review

I was sent a review copy of 4 Ingredients Gluten-Free More Than 400 New and Exciting Recipes Using 4 or Fewer Ingredients by internationally bestselling authors Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham.
This book offers more than 400 delicious recipes using 4 ingredients (or less) that work for gluten-free lifestyles. This book has a great selection to choose from including breakfast, appetizers, lunches, sides, main courses, desserts, drinks, children ideas as well baby and toddler recipes and more.

Even if your family does not have gluten intolerance, this book can serve as a healthy guidebook for getting a quick dinner on the table. Many of these recipes do not call for specific gluten free ingredients, they are naturally gluten free such as Sunshine Shrimp, Steak with Mushroom Ragout and Walnut Cake. Other recipes may include a gluten free flour blend or pancake mix (which the book does not have a recipe for). I think it would be nice if they could include one (but I doubt they are 4 ingredients worth) or reference a brand for any new gluten free-ers reading. There are two chapters in this book which confused me as to why they are in a cookbook, the All I Really Need to Know I learned In Kindergarten and the Household Tips section.
While I do enjoy a quick recipe with minimal ingredients (great time saver and makes cleaning up a breeze), the three of the four recipes I tried were not very flavorful or enjoyable. I wanted to try different recipes, mostly baking ones, since I already do my dinner gluten free and like I said many of these in the book are naturally GF, no special ingredients needed. So I made the Broccoli and Cheddar Nuggets, Energy Bars, Raspberry and Almond Cake and the Almond Pancakes.

I liked the Energy Bars, except that they soften and melt pretty quickly in your hand. I keep they wrapped and in the fridge. {dates, chunky PB, coconut, cocoa}

The Raspberry and Almond Cake was ok, it was a stange texture for me though and not real flavorful even being raspberry. It looked so beautiful going into the oven with the pink hue batter. {raspberries, eggs, sugar almond meal}

The Almond Pancakes were ok also, much like the almond cake and strange texture from the almond meal. They were thin and a dense like texture, not much flavor. {eggs, almond meal, greek yogurt, butter}

The Broccoli and Cheddar Nuggets (from the baby and toddler section) were probably the most unedible for me. I imagined them being like the broccoli cheddar poppers we used to make in the deli. Nope. I even had to add an extra egg to the mix so they'd stay together. I tried them with a little ranch, but again not flavorful. I know my kids would not have liked them (I made them as a snack for me). {broccoli, GF bread crumbs, cheddar, eggs}

Sorry, but I feel maybe more than 4 ingredients would make those recipes I tried better. Maybe I'll go back through it and look for new dinner ideas.

*Disclosure* I wrote this review for "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" about 4 Ingredients Gluten-Free. The product(s) in this review were provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting my review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation. Product info & stock images provided by PR or Co.

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