Thursday, September 19, 2013

Among Friends Hand Crafted Baking Mixes: Review

This holiday cooking season, there will be at least one dish that won’t stress you out. Among Friends®, maker of healthful dessert baking mixes, saves you both time and expense without sacrificing flavor and nutrition. Available in five cookie mixes and one fruit crisp topping mix, Among Friends’ mixes are made with GMO-free, whole grain, premium ingredients that easily assemble with eggs, vanilla, and butter and bake in less than 10 minutes. Four of the mixes are gluten-free for accommodating guests and family members with dietary concerns. Save the time it takes to seek out special ingredients and purchase a mix that combines healthfulness with home baked goodness.

Founded by two friends and mothers in the quest to provide their families with great-tasting healthy desserts, Among Friends® produces delicious “from-scratch style” baking mixes that take only minutes to yield ready-to-eat baked goods. With the brief prep time it takes to add egg, vanilla, and butter to mixes and less than 10 minutes to bake, wholesome baked goods are ready to eat in no time at all in the midst of frenzied holiday activity. Save the time and expense spent on shopping for countless premium ingredients for multiple recipes, and grab Among Friends’® mixes for gourmet baked goods that are both affordable and easy to make.

Among Friends’® premium ingredients include foods such as organic whole oats, natural brown sugar, organic ground flax seed, and chocolate chips made out of cane sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and vanilla beans, to name a few. Four of the six baking mixes serve the gluten-free market through the use of certified gluten-free oats and oat flour. They are all low in sugar and fat, and rich with nutrition delivery through fiber and protein.

We were sent two flavors of Among Friends cookie mixes to try out. Since I am gluten free I asked for at least one GF flavor so I can taste test too.

-PHIL’EM UP cookie mix is full of Gluten-free Oats, Cranberries and Callebaut Chocolate. Also in here is coconut and you can taste that with these other flavors, yum yum.

Like I said, I loved all the flavors in this cookie and knowing these are gluten free made me happy, and guess what! I didn't even tell my family they were either. They just knew they loved them too and said I should make them again! I hid a few for me later on in the freezer and you know, they were great straight from the freezer too, they weren't rock hard just cold and crispy.

-EVAN’S HEAVENLY cookie mix is a cookie mix of soft spelt flour combined with hearty oats, organic raisins, almond meal, and a hint of cinnamon.

These are not gluten free so my family got to enjoy all of them and they loved them! I baked them at 7am before school one morning (just so the oven wouldn't heat the house up so much during our heatwave that week) and they may have sneaked one before heading out. It made the house smell so good I tell ya!

Other flavors of Among Friends mixes include:
-Trish the Dish: Gluten free fruit crisp topping
-CJ's: Gluten free brownie bite cookies
-Shane's Sweet-n-Spicy: Gluten free grandma's molasses cookie
-Suzie Q's: chocolate chips and whole grains

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Just add three simple ingredients and you're on your way to some delicious cookies!

I think I scooped about 18 little cookies from this PHIL’EM UP mix.

They baked  up beautifully!

Each cookie is full of cranberries and chocolate! Mmm!

These are the 7am EVAN’S HEAVENLY freshly baked. 

*Disclosure* I wrote this review and or giveaway for "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" about Among Friends. The product(s) in this review were provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting my review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. Product info and stock images if any are provided by PR or Co.

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