Thursday, October 24, 2013

Celebrate GMO Month with Rumiano Cheese: #Giveaway and Review

Rumiano Cheese Company is the oldest family owned cheese company in California. They are celebrating 90 years of cheesy goodness! They are also the world's first Non-GMO Project Verified cheese.

Rumiano Cheese is: A Family Owned Business, Milk from Organic Grass Fed Cows, Certified Non-GMO - Kosher, No Artificial Colors or Flavors and No Hormones or Pesticides.

The month of October is Non-GMO Month. It's about raising awareness on the GMO (genetically modified organisms) issue. So many companies don't care about the risks of GMOs on our health and planet. We as consumers want the right to know what is really in our foods. Products labeled with the Non-GMO label is one way to know, but to all the other companies who don't care, we need to stand up and let our voices be heard. Wouldn't you want to know what you're eating?            

Rumiano cheese is available at select Whole Foods across the country and several natural product stores. To find a location near you, check out their Store Locator. Please check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Right now Rumiano is having their Second Annual Big Cheese Sweepstakes which is going on now until October 31. Enter here for a chance to win a Year's Supply of Organic Non-GMO Cheese!

I was sent free product coupons to try out Rumiano organic cheeses. I found them located at a natural food store close by. I picked up flavors that we like such as, pepper jack slices (for sandwiches), mozzarella, sharp cheddar, monterey jack and colby. I was excited to know they are located near my hometown of Humboldt County up in Crescent City (10 miles from the Oregon border)! Anyways, I used their cheese for many recipes such as a gluten free sandwich for work, grilled cheese sandwich at home and a spaghetti casserole for dinner. I'll be making pizza at home soon and can't wait to try the mozzarella on it. We also just snacked on it. We loved how creamy and delicious the cheese was. 

my gluten free ham & roast beef sandwich with Rumiano pepper jack cheese 
(I used my fave GF roll recipe)

my gluten free Rumiano colby & sharp cheddar grilled cheese sandwich

hot & bubbly Rumiano cheese on our spaghetti casserole!

my gluten free version of my spaghetti casserole with a blend of Rumiano colby, sharp cheddar and monterey jack cheeses. 
(to make this recipe gluten free, I made my own cream of mushroom soup
and used a quinoa spaghetti pasta)

I found Rumiano cheese located at Jimbo's Naturally,1633 S Centre City Pkwy, Escondido, CA

I loved the large selection of Rumiano cheeses! I haven't been to this store before, but I loved it! I'll be back for sure!

lots of sliced Rumiano cheeses too! GREAT prices too!

Enter to win five free product coupons for Rumiano cheese!

*Disclosure* I wrote this review and or giveaway for "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" about Rumiano. The product(s) in this review were provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting my review and or giveaway. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. This giveaway is provided by the company. Product info and stock images if any are provided by PR or Co.

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