Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Culturelle: Kids! Will Be Kids! Giveaway

Whether they're sharing an ice cream cone with the dog or eating gum off the sidewalk, kids can get into "uh oh" situations that can lead to digestive upset or illness. After all, kids will be kids, but isn't that what makes being a kid so much fun?

Fortunately, Culturelle has them covered! Culturelle Kids! Probiotic is proven to help reduce occasional digestive upset and support your kids' natural defenses. So kids can have fun while keeping their tummies happy and trouble-free.

Share Your Kids Being Kids!
They go places they shouldn't and pick up things you wish they wouldn't. But we wouldn't have it any other way, would we? We worry about them when they're out of sight, but even under our own nose, they still manage to get into trouble, and we manage to snap a photo or two before picking them up, cleaning them off, and sending them back on their way.

Upload a photo to,, and match it with one of our fun captions to create a shareable snapshot of your kid just being a kid.

Enter daily for your change to win a box of Culturelle Kids! Probiotic. Contest ends 11:59:59 am on 2/21/14

Only Culturelle Kids! Probiotic contains the #1 most clinically studied probiotic strain, Lactobacillus GG. It is also the #1 Pediatrician recommended probiotic brand and is proven to help reduce digestive upset by restoring the natural balance of good and bad non-beneficial bacteria in the digestive track.

Want to learn more? Just visit,, and see why Dr. Ben, an established pediatrician in the New York Metro area, recommends Culturelle Kids! Probiotics to her patients.

 Germs, ick I hate them! I'm a little germ o phobe when out in public. I use those wipes on the grocery carts especially if my little boy wants to ride in those kiddie carts with the little steering wheels. Plus I make them wash after school to get all the school germs off. Culturelle can also help with illness and tummy troubles, I can't wait to get some more for my kiddos. Three of us are suffering from what I think is food poisoning from some burgers we cooked up. Not fun. At least with Culturelle we'll be good for a while in those other tummy trouble area, I know because I love it! It's great for adults too. 

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2 Boxes of Culturelle Kids! Probiotic Packets
2 Boxes of Culturelle Kids! Probiotic Chewables
2 Boxes of Culturelle Adult Digestive Health
1 Culturelle Kids! Tote Bag

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Ray said...

Putting everything in their mouths contributes to the spread of germs for sure.

Anonymous said...

Kids make me cringe when they get into dirty things.

Anonymous said...

✽ Thanks so much ✽ Mommy? I'm Hungry and Culturelle! We look forward to trying Culturelle 😊

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