Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tofu and Cheese Stuffed Shells

I decided something healthy was in order, so I tried these Tofu and Cheese Stuffed Shells . Here is my review on them.
I'd give them 4* out of 5. I thought this was OK, maybe a little dry. I made them in the morning in hope the flavors would merry all day. My 10 yr old sure loves them though. No one knew about the tofu either, haha. I used extra firm tofu (and pressed it dry with paper towels and heavy bowls as weights), then mashed it up with the cheese. I then added in garlic, oregano, basil. I didn't use the whole box of shells either, and it gave me a full 9x13 pan worth. I topped it with a roasted garlic and onion jarred pasta sauce, for the flavor and to save time.

Would I make them again? Maybe, and just 1/2 the recipe so there aren't so many leftovers.

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enza said...

ehi shells?
they look wonderful :D
can I put your address on my blogroll?

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