Saturday, May 31, 2008

Swedish Meatballs on Noodles

1 3/4 lb ground sirloin
1 large egg beaten
1/4 cup plain bread crumbs
1/2 small yellow onion, chopped
A healthy grating of nutmeg
1/2 cup fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves, chopped
Freshly ground black pepper
2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
2 cups beef stock
1 tbsp red currant OR grape jelly
1 cup heavy cream OR sour cream
1/2 lb wide egg noodles
2 tbsp butter
8 cornichons OR 6 baby gherkins, chopped, for garnish

Place the ground sirloin in a large mixing bowl and punch a well into the centre. Fill the well with the egg, bread crumbs, onion, nutmeg, half of the chopped parsley and a little salt and pepper. Mix up the meatball ingredients until well combined, yet not overmixed. Divide the mix into four equal parts. Roll each part into six balls. Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat with the extra-virgin olive oil. Add the meatballs and brown on all sides, about five minutes, giving the pan a good shake now and then. Add the stock, jelly and heavy cream or sour cream. Bring it up to a bubble, then reduce heat to a simmer and cook for eight to 10 minutes.

Place a large pot of water on to boil. Add the noodles and season the water with salt. Cook until just tender, five to six minutes. Drain the egg noodles and shake dry. Put the noodles back in the hot pot and add the remaining chopped parsley and the butter and season with salt and pepper. Stir until the butter has melted. Top the noodles with the meatballs, their sauce and pickles.

~Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Get Real Meals Cookbook

~My side note:
This is FANTASTIC! Or as Rachael would say, YUM-O! Everyone loved it! It's a keeper. For this, I used about 2 lbs ground beef, added 2 cloves of chopped garlic in the meatballs and maybe 1/2 tsp dried nutmeg. I made them into bite size, and baked them for 15 minutes, then put them in a skillet to darken a little. I used grape jelly, sour cream and another pinch or two of nutmeg in the sauce. I then thickened it a little with a cornstarch slurry. I also omitted the pickles.

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Elle said...

How I wish we had this for dinner tonight! I'll spare you the gory details of what dinner was. Beautiful photos!

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