Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Homemade Oreos

Yes, homemade! How fun are these? My oldest daughter's class was having an end of the year school party and she wanted me to make something for her to bring. Having seen these cookies around the food blogosphere, I said I'd make some Oreos! I pulled up some sites of everyone else making them to show her and used the recipe from Nosheteria. These are really easy and fun to make. I had to make a double batch because of her class size plus a few extras, and well because we wanted a few for home too. The ones for her class I placed colorful M&Ms on top before baking. They were a hit with the kids, her teacher even took 2! I do recommend eating these within a day or two, or they just aren't as fresh.

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10 Lovely Comments:

CRM Software said...

There I become immediately hungry. I must try that out absolutely times. Thanks for the post.

Shelly said...

yummy! I have to go check out that recipe and try them out!

Fearless Kitchen said...

Last year I swore off Oreos after setting one on fire at camp. What happens isn't pretty. Homemade oreos wouldn't have all the suspicious substances that made the cookies "burn" the way they did - it could be very worth trying!

Andreea said...

i absoluytemy adore oreos! and now i can make them myself?! :)

LyB said...

The look so good! I've made these before, much too long ago, I need to make some more soon!

Chrystina said...

I am not an oreo person, but these I am going to try! They look so yummy!! Thank you!

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