Friday, July 11, 2008

Celebration Time!

Vanilla Cupcakes w/Cream Cheese Frosting

Ok, I am in the kitchen way too much, I'm falling behind on my recipe blogging! These are a couple of days late. Apparently I'm loosing track of time too, since something just had a Birthday and I missed it!
So what are we celebrating? Well, first of all my little Blog here turned 1 years old June 25th ! It's funny to go back and see what I was cooking up and even more funnier are my photos! This was my first recipe to be blogged here. Times have changed, but the food is still good!
Also my little boy just turned 15 months old so I had to make cupcakes! I think that was also the day, my Blog was given an award. Ok, so I needed a reason to make them *wink.

So here you go, all my faithful readers gets a vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting. These were made especially from my Hello, Cupcake! book, that I won a little while ago at Yummr! Go check them out, tell them I sent ya, you might also win yourself a book for the month of July! Thanks to all of you, who help keep me blogging!

So after I won that book, I had to get me some cake decorating tips and bags and such. No, I did not already have that stuff, my kid's birthday cakes lately have been simply frosted with candies sprinkled all over. Now they'll be a little more elaborate. Let's see if I can remember my cake decorating skills from the days of the big Hobart mixer in the bakery/deli. Well something I didn't realize was the tip size. Haha, I ordered small tips, I need the bigger tips! Oh well, the small star worked OK for these.

Ok, enough talk, let's eat!

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8 Lovely Comments:

Dita said...

heyy happy 1st bithday to your blog! and happy 15 mos to your son ;). Can't wait to see your Got Milk entry, Rach. I'm sure it would be a surprising entry ;).

linda said...

Happy blog anniversary! The cupcakes look scrumptious and delicious!

familyRus...4ever said...

Happy birthday blog-dear!! What a joyous occasion!! You soo-o rock. Good job Rachelle and keep up the good work, cooking, & photography!!

Cakespy said...

YAYY! Happy celebration day and please, pass on one of those cupcakes to me, baby!!

daphne said...

ooo... happy birthdays!!! And what a great way to celebrate with this beautiful looking cupcakes. Makes me want one too!

~Priscilla~ said...

congrats on 1 year of blogging! these cupcakes look wonderful. i think i need to get that book, the cupcakes i've been seeing people make from them have been beautiful.

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