Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday! Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes!

This weekend we celebrated our little girl's 5th birthday. Since we did a little party, I made ice cream cone cupcakes to serve! I have never made them before so I read up on other sites, reviews and tips before starting them. I used a vanilla cake recipe from Magnolia Bakery and a beautiful frosting recipe for the cones. I only made 12 cones and used the leftover batter for a round layer, that I frosted with a butter cream frosting also from Magnolia Bakery. The cones turned out sooo sooo cute and what fun they were! All us adults even ate one.

So, some tips I have about this entry are, be careful moving the decorated cones, they will tip! Thankfully it was the leftover ones that fell to the floor. I was afraid of them melting (haha!) in our warm house, so I put them in the fridge. The frosting turned a little hard, but was ok. This is a marshmallow-like frosting and is super sticky! Do not overfill your cones, I only filled them to that line, and they were perfect while baking but all of a sudden they grew over the cones in the last minutes. Use a large star tip to achieve the soft serve look, I had to go get a tip just for these, I think it was a 1 M that I got. The cake was wonderful, I really liked it overall! Very easy recipe, except I think it was just a tiny bit dry. I will for here on out, buy better food coloring, like a gel or paste. Those little squeeze bottles are lousy for coloring frosting. I also used too big of a tip (or the cake was too small) to write her name, so it looked like squiggles, haha.
I wish I had all the tools from my cake decorating days in a bakery, 14 yrs ago. I certainly don't get to practice enough, hence the silly decorated cake.

a new photo place

a new oven (I swear it's 100' off!)

I forgot the cherries for the final pictures

yea, I spread the frosting on thick

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BeckyB said...

Those are great!! My daughter turns one in a couple of months, I may give these a try!

Tara (Just Desserts) said...

this looks like a very fun birthday party indeed! I have my little one's 2 year coming up in a month and I'm torn between these, or Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes.

Sonya said...

5th, 10th or matter the age they are so beautiful...I love the picture of the yough lady waiting in front of the oven...lloll...


Bakerella said...

I absolutely love the picture of your daughter in front of the oven. Sweet as can be!

Anonymous said...
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