Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spots got you down?

Thanksgiving is coming, and so are the dinner guests! This will help ease the spotty embarrassment.
We have horrible hard water here, resulting in nasty spotty white residue dishes. Because of the kids, we use plastic plates, cups...they weren't looking pretty. I've done the baking soda/vinegar rinse thing in the dish washer, but it wasn't helping. Then I heard about Lemi Shine. I had to get it the next time I was at the store (found at Target & Walmart for under $4). The 1st time I used I noticed a remarkable difference!! WOW! I did another load, and was surprised, and then went to find all the yucky looking dishes I could wash, haha! Everything looks about new now! LOVE this stuff. Let me embarrass myself with the difference, here's a before and after of my measuring cups...

yuk, huh!
Hard water spots? Amazing product!!

oooh! ahhhh!
Lemi Shine

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