Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesdays with Dorie: Arborio Rice Pudding

This week we get to make Arborio rice pudding, both white and black with Dorie and Isabelle of Les gourmandises d’Isa. I made half vanilla and half chocolate flavor, But I doubled the recipe so there'd be enough for all of us. I like rice pudding, but I grew up with using boring white rice, adding raisins and pouring milk over it when served. This turns out more pudding like, and didn't need the milk poured over it. I have to say the chocolate flavor is really good! This was my first time using Arborio rice, and it's wonderful for rice pudding! Making this reminded me of Tapioca, which I love, but lots of stirring and watching also. The looks also reminds me of cottage cheese, haha.

There was discussion of a wrong cooking time, and thankfully Dorie came to the rescue to say that yes there was a typo in her recipe, instead of cooking if for 30 minutes, it should be 55 minutes.

I stood at that stove with my watchful eye for about 1 hr 40 minutes! From par boil to finish. Seemed like it took my milk forever to come to a boil (30 minutes!). Even with the rice added in, I kept the heat on medium or else it wouldn't even simmer and stirring it often. Maybe it's because I had doubled it, and had it in a big pot, but right at 55 minutes, it was ready!

par boiling

almost ready

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HoneyB said...

I would have loved to have tried this but knowing I am the only one who would have eaten I, I skipped out. It looks delicious though! Especially that chocolate one :)

Tammy said...

that looks perfect and I love that last photo! I actually liked the vanilla better than the chocolate

Anonymous said...

Your rice pudding looks perfectly creamy and yummy. Great job!

The Food Librarian said...

Great looking puddings! I love all the photos...and I can't wait to try the chocolate pudding.

Teanna said...

That looks fantastic! And your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

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