Monday, March 30, 2009

Dorie's (Berry) Fruit Galette

This has been on my mind, ever since I passed on this TWD recipe. Last summer!
Well now that I have some fresh frozen fruit stocked, I thought I'd whip it up and use that (before I used it in something else). Since I used frozen berries, I used about 3 Tbl os graham cracker crumbs, to be sure it'd soak up the juice. Also, I let it sit all day before cutting into to be sure it'd set up. It's uses one of my favorite go-to pie crusts from Dorie, its flaky, light and really easy to make too. After baking for a bit, you make a custard and pour it over the berries then finish baking. Yum! I had a little custard leftover, so I cooked it down and served it over a piece. Everyone loved it!
The recipe can be found here at Michelle's blog.


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Pamela said...

This is a very good recipe! And I love Dorie's crust recipe! Glad you got the chance to make and enjoy it.

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