Monday, March 30, 2009

Review: Wild Harvest Organic: Lunch Box

I was chosen at SheKnows as part of their 100 mom panelists to test some products from Wild Harvest Orangic and was sent the lunch box edition first. The kids had their snacks after school and macaroni and cheese for lunch the next day. I chose to bake with the peanut butter and frost some cupcakes. I was happy to see that our Albertson's grocery store also carries these products! Here are my reviews of what I was sent.

Wild Harvest Animal Crackers
I loved these. They have a great flavor to them and I prefer them over the other animal crackers out there!

Wild Harvest Apple Sauce Cups
Original and cinnamon, great applesauce, the kids loved them!

Wild Harvest Creamy Peanut Butter
This IS great peanut butter! The flavor is intense and it's thick, stick to the roof of your mouth thick! I used some of this in a chocolate frosting for some Naturally Nora cupcakes. It's great! I don't like that you have to keep it in the fridge though, it makes it a little harder to spread on bread. I would definitely buy this, especially to bake with. :)

Wild Harvest Macaroni and Cheese

White cheddar: We've only have the white cheddar yet. I have to say we did not like this. The flavor was sort of tangy and weird. Kids did not finish theirs.
*Update= Cheddar: I did a side by side comparison, well a blind taste test really, on my kids. They did not like this version at all. I agreed. It's much like the white cheddar, a tangy weird taste. One described it like Parmesan. They preffered the "blue box" version.

Wild Harvest Juice Pouches
Strawberry kiwi, grape and fruit punch: Really great juice. These did not last long at all.

Thanks, She Knows and Wild Harvest Organic!

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3 Lovely Comments:

Chrystina said...

Already, you said it & we trust you! I am looking for them out here near me! THanks! I can always trust you to get me the low-down on the best (and healthy) treats for my kiddos!

Helene said...

This is a great package. We don't have this brand in Canada. Everything looks good.

RecipeGirl said...

What a cool thing to get to do! I haven't seen the snacky sort of things that you mentioned but I have tried some of the other products. I'll skip the mac and cheese!

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