Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Cookie Carnival: Inside - Out Carrot Cake Cookies

This is a new blog event for me. It's a Cookie Carnival that Kate from The Clean Plate Club hosts. A cookie recipe is distributed monthly amongst participating bloggers, then they bake and tell all about it for the round up. Sounds fun, and guarantees cookies each month! Check out the February round-up here.

This month's recipe Inside - Out Carrot Cake Cookies couldn't be something more fitting could it? See, this month is my Husband's (the BIG 4 0! Shh!) birthday, and I usually bake a German Chocolate cake or carrot cake for him as those are his favorite. But I have decided to make him the German Chocolate cake, and make these to have now. We're celebrating another Birthday next month, so I'll do a carrot cake for that. Anyways...

If you would like to see this recipe or print it out, click for the handy pdf here.
We thought these were great. Perfect little bite sizes of cake! For the filling, I added in some pecans and whirled it all in the food processor. I kept these stored in a covered container, and they sure turned sticky after each day, but still yummy!

(TIP: use a cookie scoop for uniform sized cookies)

Speaking of baking! Are you creative enough for the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest?
They are open for entries and looking for the next $1 million recipe... all it takes is one simple idea!
Entries are being accepted online between now and April 20th, 2009, at (Go check out Jenny from Picky Palate, a past contestant, making Breakfast Quiches!) There are four recipe categories - Breakfast & Brunches, Entertaining Appetizers, Dinner Made Easy and Sweet Treats for you to enter? Will you enter?.

I'm not very creative to make my own recipes, haha, so if you think you are I say Go For It!!
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8 Lovely Comments:

Leslie said...

I love Little bite size cookies, and these look delish! Just big enough!!

PheMom said...

Your cookies look awesome!! Mine totally flattened out. I wish I knew what I did differently. They sure do taste great though!

Kelli said...

I have that same cookie sheet and pad. I just got it, I have used it a few times and the grease from the cookies adhears to the pad and I cant get it all off for the life of me. Soap, water, HOT HOT HOT water. does yours do that?
those cookies look so yummr

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...


Kelli- there is a care sheet that should've come with your silpat.I let them soak in hot soapy water for a few mins, the wipe and rinse then hang dry. It's natural for it to have spots on it from where the food is, even discoloring is ok. Here ya go:

I LOVE my silpats, I don't bake without them! (I'll use parchment still in cake pans)


Pamela said...

Welcome to the Cookie Carnival! Your cookies turned out great. I baked them, but I haven't filled them yet. They're in the freezer waiting. Happy 40th to your DH!


Hi Rachelle,

Wow, what a fun blog you have with lots of great recipes, I think I've gained 5lbs just looking around!

Thank you for entering my first GIVEAWAY! All are welcomed to enter!


Eunice said...

That is crazy amazing! Carrot Cake cookies?? Who would've thought! I'm going to try out the lovely recipe! Thank you so much! I LOVE the way you used an ice cream scoop and your textured map.

And thank you for popping by my blog! ;)

vibi said...

Those look fantastic, Rachelle! I'm keeping them in my "to do" folder!

...a great way to have the full flavor of carrot cake (or yeah, cookies) when SOME people in the house don't like cream cheese frosting... I won't name anyone, but them know who I'm talking about! LOL I can just frost them as I go! Yesssssss!!!

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