Sunday, April 12, 2009

Review: See's Famous Old Time Candies: Nuts and Chews

I was sent some early Easter candy, a 1 lb. box of Nuts & Chews chocolates from the nice people at See's. I love their chocolates and candies and wanted to share my review on them. I wish I could just share them with you, but maybe another time?

So, what are your favorites? The creams, milk chocolates, dark chocolates, nuts, chews, brittle, toffees, truffles, lolly pops or sugar free candies? I really like the dark chocolate and almonds best. I am not a fan of cream centers so they were nice to send me what I liked.

My box came all wrapped ready for Easter with "Nuts & Chews: This traditional See's chocolate assortment is packed with top-quality peanuts, California-grown English walnuts, almonds, chewy Caramel, honey Scotchmallow®, Rum Nougat and more - all coated with milk and dark chocolate. Also available as: Milk Chocolate Nuts & Chews and Dark Chocolate Nuts & Chews."

Go visit See's Candies online or look up a location near you, they even hand out a free sample while you pick out your goodies! So brighten someone's day, pick out something special for someone special!

See's is great for business gifts, and fundraising programs too!

Plus, you could win free candy for a year! Sign up online at and you're entered to win FREE candy for a year!

Happy Easter!

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11 Lovely Comments:

Jess said...

Oooh, lucky you! I grew up on Nuts and Chews - still my favorite.

Leslie said...

OMGosh.. See's is the BEST!!! NOW I am going to be craving chocolate! YOU Dog! This looks super wonderful! Great review!!!! YUMMO!!!! Happy Easter Honey!

MoodyMommy said...

I wanted to lick my screen...I refrained, but ohhh how I wanted to..

BeLovEdAiMeE said...

Where do I sign up for these kind of reviews?? lol no seriously

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

I love the nuts and chews too! But, I think my fave See's candy are Toffee-ettes. I could eat a whole can of them!

Faye said...

Oh!! I love Sees!! Ever since my California relatives brought along a few boxes as gifts at our family reunions.

We ran by a Sees display at the Miami airport last week, but didn't have time to stop and pick up a box. At least I know there is some kind of nearby now ;)

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Shannon said...

Rachelle, Have you ever gone into the See's Store in your local mall? You can go through the little buffet line and choose which chocolates you want in your box. Build your own box, it's devine!

Anonymous said...

Hi! from the great state of Texas!

Anonymous said...

Omg im trying to get out nuts and chocolate cause i dont wanna gain weight and get pimples i hate pimples

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