Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Review: Stonyfield’s YoBaby Yogurt

The generous folks at Stonyfield’s YoBaby sent us some coupons to try their yogurt. I went and picked up some YoBaby Original with Banana, Peach, Pear and Vanilla flavors. They come 2 flavors to a 6 pack, and are decent size little cups. Since I'm into making quick freezer pops lately, I made some of them into those.

These are great we all seemed to enjoy them. There seems to be a thicker layer of cream on top, so you have to be sure to stir it up to evenly distribute it, so that the yogurt doesn't seen tart. Once stirred up, the yogurt isn't as thick as others, so be careful it doesn't spill all over when eating. =)

Stonyfield’s YoBaby line of organic yogurts has refromulated their recipe to include vitamin D and zinc, both known to boost immunity and promote the development of strong bones and teeth. YoBaby is all natural and certified organic, made with milk from cows fed organic feed and not treated with antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

Be sure to visit their site to get you some of their free coupons and check out their recipe section!

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