Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Curry Flavored Naan

I made Naan to go with our Chicken Tikka Masala dinner, and after seeing 1. how expensive it was in the stores for just 2-3 pieces 2. seeing the different flavors it came...I decided to try it myself. Trader Joe's carries a curry Naan, so I used that idea. After searching online about Naan, I decided with this recipe.

I added in about 1 TBL of curry powder with the flour. Once the dough is made, it doesn't look like much, but once you cut it into 6 pieces and roll them out, it's plenty! They are generous sizes too. The recipe says to stack the dough while it rises a last time....lay some parchment paper between each dough or they'll proof and stick together and you'll have to re cut and roll. Not fun during baking time. I went ahead and cranked up my oven to 500' and put our cast iron tortilla pan in there for a bit. 2 fit perfectly, and they baked up great! I brushed them with some garlic infused melted butter afterwards. They were delish!!


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Charli said...

I love Naan, and will definitely have to try this one! Those look delish!

camille said...

Love naan. I've never had curry-flavoured naan though, but I would!

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